Would you move out if you thought your house was haunted?

I recently read an article (of semi-reputable repute) that noted one in ten Brits had moved out of their house because it could have been haunted. The wording caught me by surprise. Would people really leave their house because they thought their house might be haunted. Thought! I don’t know about you but I would want to be sure it was haunted, especially if it is a rent-controlled apartment in New York City. And even then, I would have to think twice about leaving. 

If indeed your place is haunted or think that it truly might be, call the press. At least start filming, do research, find a sexy haunting angle and call Paranormal Witness.  If you have a ghost try talking to him or her. Find out its background and strike a deal. Think about the nice ghosts in Beetlejuice. A deal was to be had with them. If you manage to strike a deal, it can be a win-win. If you need tips on negotiating with a ghost go ahead and purchase Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal or perhaps the book What Would Machievelli Do.  I say all this in case you like your place and would like to keep it. Why let a little ghost company drive you out. If you have kids, maybe the ghost can babysit. It doesn’t hurt to ask. 
In all seriousness (well, as much as this topic allows) would you not want to make sure there is a ghost? I would immediately go see all the Ghostbusters movie and create a ghodt verification checklist. Then, if you rent, ask your landlord to look into and address the possible ghost situation just as if you had just found mice and roaches in your place.  You would want ot fumigated, right?
Now, it very well could be that you have no ghost. It could be your imagination running wild due to high anxiety levels. At that point use the money you would have tapped into for a move, to take a vacation complete with good mojito access.
Now, it could very well be that you have a ghost that is supremely angry, evil or both. In that case, run. There are plenty of both types of people in everyday waking life that you don’t need the additional headache. 
Either way you need to be a bit more like a ghostbuster and figure out the situation. 

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  1. No, we didn’t move out!

    We were a large family of dad, mom, siblings, cousins and a maid living in a 7-bedroom house in the eighties. Different members had different experiences but did not talk about them to one another as none of us believed in haunted houses. In that decade many members happened to marry and move away.

    For other perfectly ordinary reasons the rest of the family moved into an apartment in the early nineties. At a family gathering someone joked about a cousin having seen the ghost of a departed friend standing near her bed in the old house. Then all the stories came tumbling out!

    Here they are:
    -footsteps approaching and receding up and down the corridor inside the house at night
    -footsteps on the roof at night
    -someone walking in the backyard with anklets that tinkled
    -glass shattering against the wall in the backyard almost every night
    -a thing with large eyes sitting on the chest so you couldn’t breathe (two unrelated people had experienced this, one being the maid, so may not be sleep paralysis)
    -cold puff of air passing and touching you (you find this in ghost stories but the person who felt this was unaware that this was an existing belief)
    -the ghost of a deceased friend standing at the doorway and smiling benignly (two people saw this)

    I was once woken up from a deep slumber by footsteps outside the window overlooking the garden, then they came in through the garden door that I had locked (very sure as that was something I was obsessive about), then went round and round the living room, passing my locked room-door several times. Seemed like a nightmare in the morning, so didn’t tell anyone!


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