Ate all the what?

Before there was binge watching, there was binge drinking and eating. Long after binge watching, there will still be binge drinking and eating if you are to still believe dystopian popular culture. Well, most definitely there will still be binge drinking in our science, technology driven future, as we feel more and more depersonalized and unable to cope wirh the world. Boy, am I feeling a bit jaded today. 

Heres is the bit. I love halloween. I used to really love it. I love the costumes and mirth of the day. I love the collective shamelessness. Growing up, halloween was even more important to me as I could receive candy from the neighborhood without having to burden my poor mom. In that vein Christmas was difficult. I wouldn’t overdo my trick or treating. I did just enough to have candy that would last me a couple of weeks. 
When I grew up it was all about dressing up and having a grand time to then only have to go back to the day-to-day doldrums. Now, that is even more true. My son loves Halloween. Or at least the concept of it. He loves the costume part. He loves the going out and getting a bag stuffed with goodies. He loves begging for treats. He gets home super excited to inspect his stash and tosses all candies onto the floor. Then he proceeds to sort them into the pile of what he will eat and what he will not eat. The pile of the candies he will eat is quite small. He is not a grand fan of candy. Oh my!  I then end up eating the large pile and am left wondering why I feel the need to help eat down the pile. I eat it. My son eats his. Then its all over.
We get a momentary boost of energy and then come down from that quick boost. After we eat all the candy, then what? It feels like with all the mega-hype so many events get in our daily collective, pop-culture filled lives, that most things are bound to entail a smudge (or more) of a letdown feeling. Then you find yourself sitting on the floor in the middle of candy wrappers with a loud growl starting to form in your stomach. This isn’t just about Halloween. How will we collectively feel next week once the elections are done? If they are ever done?Will we all be suffering through a sugar hangover, of sorts?  
I still love holloween. The concept is fabulous and allows one to live through it as a child and then love through it via the eyes of one’s child. It can be magical, even if cavities soon ensue. I will never tire of Halloween. However, that feeling after all the candy is gone will also be more and more ennui-inducing. 

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