You found me, fallen and unaware


I stand here, humbled, alone and contemplative.

My head is bowed before your majesty

hoping to find peace.

You found me, lost and unsure.
You found me, wandering searching for a hero.
You found me, fallen and unaware.

I stand here, head bowed and begging.

Don’t throw me back onto the mountaintops.
Don’t drown me into the deeply held sorrow.
Don’t judge me for I have indeed failed you all.

I am ready to fall deep into the crevice.
I am ready to fall into a deep sleep.

I am ready to fall and get back up.

I am set to clear my mind.

I am set to erase my footprints

I am set to cleanse my palette

The darkness has not won

The serenity has not won

The void has not won

I seek a clean slate

I seek a straight footing

I seek a thunderous path


photo fiction_36_images-13

He looked up and smiled.
The gods were enamored and clapped.
It was time for her words.
It was time for it to end

And to begin the beginning.


The alarms from up above sounded

Lightning bolts struck their wings

It was time to return to the doldrums

For it was all a fantasy

There was no normal

There was no reality


It was indeed time for it to end

And to begin.



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  1. although english is not my mother tongue and generellay i dont intend to read foreign literature i came here occasionally, especiaaly when i feel sad and read your heart touching poem thank you


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