I’ve got a hanger problem


I have got a hanger problem. There I said it. And no, it is not a Mommy Dearest problem. I am ok with wire hangers in my closet. Although, I far prefer other types of hangers. Wire hangers are just best for coats, perhaps.

Here is the truth about me. I love dresses. I love short dresses. Although, lately (which is part of the problem) I have had to start wearing long dresses.  Ever since I was a little girl that got dressed up for Easter in a bonnet and the cutest pink dress, I love wearing dresses. Funny thing is that I own over 50 pairs of jeans. I just leave them folded in the closet.  If I fly on a weekend, I will wear a pair of jeans as I find those comfortable to travel in. My jeans problem is a totally different issue in itself. Why do I own so many and yet hardly ever use them?  Well, there is one pair of jeans that I use to keep myself in check. If I am thinking of eating that extra piece of pie, I just have to think about those pair of jeans. I then put the piece away and walk off into the skinny jean sunset. Although, at this point it is not necessarily skinny jeans.  But back to my hanger problem.

My problem is rather simple. I just do not have enough. They somehow disappear or get eaten up by moths. Actually, neither is true. I don’t have enough because I buy way too many dresses. And the first step in adressing any problem is admitting to having one. Although, I would like to note because of my endless supply of dresses, I am ready to party. I just need an invite. It’s a good way to start off the week.

So here I sit contemplating my problem wondering what to do next. I think this problem calls for some shopping…


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  1. We share the same problem. When I lost weight, I purged my closet of all of my clothing that no longer fit and vowed to not buy too many clothes. My plan was for my walk-in closet to actually be a closet that I could walk into. My plan was a tremendous failure! My closet looks like a clothing bomb exploded! I’ve heard that TJ Maxx has 25-packs of those awesome “huggable” hangers for $9.99. Now, to find the motivation to get them!
    Have a great day!


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