What was that large cat doing eating up the street cars?



She went into the movie theatre alone. She wasn’t ashamed. She wasn’t sad. The first time she went to the movies alone, she was near tears from loneliness and shame. Strange feeling now that she looks back at it. She had felt like a loser. If Trump were running against her back then he would have called her losin’ Sally.  Since then, she had grown to love her alone time and relish in it.


She sat in the cushy seat sipping my mega-large soda pop. Yum! Nothing better than a whole vat of calories on a Saturday morning.  She looked around and there was a smattering of folks there. Some with kids. She smiled. They were cute and luckily belonged to others. She had no kids. She was ok with that. Her time had come and gone. She had focused on work and was good at it. She had done good by the world.  She had made a difference. People now had housing, affordable housing, due to her relentless efforts.

She sat and giggled throughout the movie. Some heads turned to look at her.  Sure, it wasn’t a comedy per se. But the movie was fairly funny. The scenes so ludicrous in their depiction of true love.  Oh, these young folks and their fantasies. She didn’t want to knock them but there surely had to be a better way for people to approach real life.

She stepped out of the theatre into the real world. Now this was real life. She adjusted her glasses and did a double-take. What was that large cat doing eating up the street cars?



photo  fiction 32_cat

Fluffy?  ”

Fluffy! It’s me Sally!”

Stop eating up the world this instant!”

She ran towards Fluffy as others stared at her. She would be the world’s savior yet again.

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