My salt needs salt: Underwhelmed and not wowed



I like salt. I like salt a lot. I like salt so much that I even put salt on my salads. Perhaps that act of salting defeats the purpose of eating a salad but it sure helps me enjoy it. Surprisingly, I have perfect blood pressure despite my deep love of salt. And that salt love affair is not ending anytime soon. I find myself needing to add more salt on things. In part, this is due to restaurants skimping out on the salt. Its as if restaurants are cooking en masse for 70 year olds with extremely high blood pressure. It is at the point where restaurants are just letting patrons salt their own food now. Why bother going out?

Here is another bit. I find that I need more salt because salt is beginning to underwhelm me. My salt needs salt. Salt, my go-to spice, is starting to bore me.

Lately, things have been super hyped up and I have come to find most things not deserving of the hype. I mean, we were warned years ago to “not believe the hype.” Yet, en masse we are drinking the kool aid. Which kool aid you might ask? Name it and we are drinking it. But its for naught as most things these days are just alright or less. Again, even my salt needs salt.

I can’t remember the last time I watched a new movie and thought “wow.” Maybe I am just not getting the memos. For instance, I watched Straight outta Compton and found it better than expected but it didn’t wow me. Trainwreck was funny but in spurts. The middle part dragged on a bit. Yet, the critics couldn’t stop lauding it.  Was it so widely lauded because it was smart, raunchy and by a woman? Gasp! Maybe my comedies need more salt.

I can’t remember the last time I watched a new television episode and thought “wow.” I caught a few television season (or series) finales and often wondered if I was watching a high school production. For instance, I caught the season finale of Sleepy Hollow. (Spoiler alert). How can they kill off a major character and not cause a more visceral reaction in the viewer? In me? I shrugged and wondered how the acting had gotten so bad.


Television is constantly killing off major or lead characters now. A while ago, such a scene would cause national consternation and debate. Now, its just a case of another one bites the dust. I never watched the television show Dallas but I do know there was a while summer hiatus campaign that asked “who shot J.R?” Nowadays, if we think about such a scene for more than 15 minutes, it is a miracle. Impact is severely muted. Larger and larger bangs are needed. Salt needs salt.

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  1. How strong does coffee now need to be before we can sit back and proclaim pleasure?
    When-ever will we find satisfaction or is this simply ephemeral?
    As with time, only the now exists so I suggest a little ‘Black Lava Sea Salt’ to pep-up those desensitised taste buds. Toss in a little palm sugar,a hint of chilli and some Japanese Rice Wine Vinegar. If this doesn’t satisfy (for more than 15 minutes) then crack out the wasabi and get on with it.B


  2. Ha. And there I was, thinking my husband was the only person who grinds salt over everything for 5 minutes! His blood-pressure is perfect, of course. I can’t handle it and I suspect he’s right when he says that only some people are sensitive. I have to add chili instead.


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