Seven ways to avoid wrinkles including staying away from annoying people


Seven ways to avoid wrinkles including staying away from annoying people


The humidity that lies in the air is giving my hair a longstanding day in and day out freak out.  The pollen count is pounding my sinuses and I am on my second round of antibiotics. Sigh. It’s enough to make a girl cranky.  I have decided to stay indoors and live in a bubble or the next few days.  I have plenty of television shows to catch up on and this thing called sleep to become reacquainted with.  I was flipping through the channels and came across an old Sex and the City episode where Samantha tells Carrie to stop worrying and thus frowning as that will give her wrinkles. It is quite a funny yet very poignant scene. The next channel has a commercial starring Tina Fey selling some anti-aging face cream moisturizer that is meant to keep one’s face wrinkle-free and young looking.


I crinkle my nose and start to worry. Samantha would tell me to stop that right away. I never pictured Tina Fey selling makeup or beauty products.  In those five minutes I was exposed to message upon message about how I should be worrying (though not showing it) about an aging face.  I can’t step outside for fear of the pollen attacking my immune system and I can’t sit indoors watching television without my self-image perspective being shot at. Furthermore, if I step outside I should be sure to lather on the sun-block to make sure that my skin stays healthy. Seriously, what is a girl to do nowadays?


I’ll tell you one thing. Apparently, text messaging is also bad for one’s face and skin-wrinkle system.  See, we now spend so much time looking down at our mobile devices that we are getting what is called “tech neck” which entails wrinkle lines forming at our downward looking folds.   Thus, if you want to avoid wrinkles stop looking down at your mobile devices. Disconnect from social media. Second, if you disconnect from Facebook you will not be subjected to the constant outlandish self-affirmations and bragging that your so-called friends engage in. By not being subjected to such updates your brows will furrow less.


Third, if you can’t give up alcohol, you can engage in harm reduction. Order a papaya or mango daiquiri or mojito. Papayas and mangoes are high in Vitamin A and C which are key nutrients in the war arsenal against wrinkles.  On that note, fourth, pop a tomato here and there.  I carry a ziplock of cherry tomatoes. Two years ago, I found myself starting to crave tomatoes. I just had to have them by the handful. My favorite dish at Italian restaurants is that of the caprese salad. Cheese and tomato with a mango daiquiri is divinely good for your skin. Well, in my world that is.


Fifth, avoid working with ridiculous people or having ridiculous meetings. I am a very expressive person face-wise. That is not a good thing in terms of wrinkles. When I meet with people who do the most outlandish actions at work, my face is bound to go into all sorts of contortions. Those movements in turn can lead to wrinkles forming.  At the end of the day avoid dumb or annoying people.


Sixth, wear big round sunglasses. I love old school large sunglasses. My mom used to wear them and wouldn’t go anywhere without them. I developed a fondness for them as well as I grew older. Big sunglasses do cover a larger part of the face. The area right around the eyes is more thinly skinned and can get higher number of wrinkles. Be like a movie star and wear the big sunglasses. If you dare, you could go the route of Vanessa Stiviano who wore a visor when the Sterling Clipper scandal erupted. Such a visor will keep you wrinkle-free and gain you the ability to score a date with an 80-year old basketball team owner and perhaps a condo or two.


Seven walk it out. Does your home life stress you out? Apparently, these days people are more stressed out by home than by work. Such a research finding seems counter-intuitive. Perhaps it’s that work is creeping into our home lives now and thus that is a higher constant level of stress that we have to deal with. Whatever it is that stresses you out try to mitigate it. Stress increases cortisol levels that are associated with wrinkle formation.  My way of mitigating stress is that I go for a walk. I walk everyday for about a minimum of 30 minutes.


There you have it. Walk, avoid dumb people, drink fruity cocktails, disconnect from facebook, don’t look down repeatedly, enjoy a tomato-filled salad and make sure to wear a visor. Engage in those steps and you will be wrinkle-free. Well, probably will have less wrinkles.   See, just like death and taxes wrinkles are a right of passage.






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  1. True… hard to avoid the street ads. 😦 Seriously, though, I stopped watching actual TV (still watch Netflix) a couple years ago and my body image has greatly improved — those ads are insidious!


  2. It makes me sad that Tina Fey is hocking wrinkle creams. I’ve always admired her casual look and attitude. I’m now going to pop a tomato in my mouth and turn off my cell phone. 😦 oops shouldn’t have frowned!


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