As I am faced with the August Blues, It’s an honor to be nominated for the Very Inspiring Award

Its an honor to be nominated for the Very Inspiring Award




I have been stuck involved in a three day meeting thus far. It is actually day three out of four. Who sets up a four day meeting with no cocktail breaks in between? The government, that’s who. well, actually, this time it was in part an academic university. Those of us that actually have work to do, are nervously looking about the room wondering who will run out screaming first, who will sneak a flask in and who will dare to rush the front of the room and make their own Emmy-inspired speech. I’m betting on myself for the latter option.


The Emmys were telecast this past Monday night and while I got to watch parts of it with a cocktail in hand, I still had a lot of work to catch up on and still do.  Further, although I now love the month of August because my son was born in this glorious warm month, a sense of the blues does tend to come on in August. It signals the end of summer and thus the cold will be creeping back in.  As a child I liked the end of summer because I actually liked going back to school. That was where my friends were. It was where I could gladly (with no stigma) be a nerd. However, as an adult it means that business travel is about to ramp up. I tend to spend big chunks of September and October on the road.  The end of August usually sees me packing my luggage for a permanent season-long series of business trips.  Thus, I sit here today contemplating all the work that lies ahead.


Despite all my work, I was thrilled to take a few minutes out of dreadful, informational meeting and ponder the meaning of being nominated for this award.


I was nominated by Pedro Calado, who is a sociology major and is relatively new to blogging. Despite his newness, he is making a grand splash already. I thank him for his interest in my blog and for the nomination. May he continue to enjoy the blogging world and best of luck entering the post-college world soon.


The tradition of the Very Inspiring Blog Award is to thank and link the amazing person who nominated you, list the rules and display the award, share seven facts about yourself, nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated, and then proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.


This ain’t my first trip on the wordpress award bandwagon. Thus, it is often difficult to find new things to share that I already haven’t blabbed about in my daily posts or in other award “speeches”.  I decided to ask my peers who are also attending this meeting and thus giving them something to chew on.  I asked if they wanted to do this over a cocktail but they looked at me and noted it was 8am. Duh, it is always cocktail hour somewhere people!  I have also decided to just imagine what some of the other meeting attendees (there are about 80 of us here) might be thinking about me just about now.


Here presumably are their seven thoughts

1. I am a challenging participant. I don’t sit where i am told to sit. I know I know more than most other people here. I write journal articles and text while I attend the meeting.  Yes, I believe they would say I am challenging. You know how i handle challenging participants I buy the first round. Just saying…


2. I’m witty. Despite being distracted by trying to stay awake, I can come back with a quick retort to any ludicrous statement. It is party of my charm.


3. I love cereal.  At these meetings I either come with a huge box of Frosted Flakes or a huge box of Corn Pops. I just munch on it all day. No need for milk. Crunching away dulls the pain of having to hear silly things that I already know.


4. I got a new laptop. I made the switch from Windows to Mac. I had resisted making that change forever. But alas, I went for it and went for it big. My laptop is so beautiful in pink, might I add.


5. I gleefully work on about 5 documents at the same time. Right now, I am blogging, working on a powerpoint presentation, drafting a research article on twitter, running some statistical analyses and coding interviews.


6. I like the number 7. I just shout out the number seven at random times for any answer. You know that the number seven is the key to the universe right?  You can’t go wrong with it.  in case you missed it I wrote a few weeks back on how there are seven ways to avoid getting wrinkles in the workplace. Give it a shot or two.


7. I miss my little boy. He just turned six and he is a mega chatter box. I have his photo everywhere. On my cell phone, laptop, ipad…I imagine that sweet little squeeky voice. I should have brought him here to the meeting. I do believe he could have facilitated a few of these sessions with a lot of enthusiasm and insight.


8. I will give you a bonus fact. I am quite facetious and sarcastic. A lot of what I put out there is tongue in cheek.  🙂


Here are the bloggers I nominate going forward




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Many cheers, Psychologist mimi

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  1. I’ve got a cluster**** in a fubar to deal with and this just made me forget that fun filled fact, that makes this post worth a mention!
    And the day I’m on one of those lists will make me very happy, then frozen with nerves as I try to remember how to breathe!!


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