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You can be strong and kind

Memes. How did we live without them many years back. They are everywhere and in everything. Ok. Let’s be real. Memes have always existed. They are fables, morals and story snippets that are passed on from person to person. We’ve always done that. If you look up the […]

Smizing through a pandemic

Many years ago, I loved watching America’s Next Top Model. It was one of the “reality” shows that I loved to catch. Perhaps in part because I love photography and I love mixing up styles. What I really loved about the show was the smizing aspect. What is […]

It’s Sunday, right?

Last week I woke up one morning completely discombobulated. I wondered what day it was and couldn’t quite figure it out. Luckily for me, both my cell phone and Alexa agreed on the date. That was a start. However, all that day I felt a bit off. During […]


When I walk the city streets of New York, I’m awestruck by all the people who have adjusted their lives so dramatically. People wearing masks, standing six feet apart calmly waiting to go into a store. Calmly waiting to buy fish, candy, or beer. And, that is because […]

I want to be distracted

There’s a classic punk song by the Ramones called I Want to be Sedated. Some of the lyrics, in case you’ve never heard of the song, goes “20, 20, 20, 4, hours to goI wanna be sedatedNothing to do, nowhere to go, ohI wanna be sedated…” When this […]