Don’t get too comfortable with who you are

Dear diary

This is day 40 something… perhaps…of a crazed new world order. I’ve lost count of days. Yet, the calendar still beckons. Perhaps. The days bleed into the night. The night becomes morning with barely a whisper. The work is brutal and continuous. Where it ends is anyone’s guess. It is amazing that I cannot find a single channel showing Dirty Dancing. Before the new world order struck, it was continuously on. Yet, something else that has changed.

And that brings me to my short point of the day.

Don’t get too comfortable with who you are. Embrace change. Go with surprises. Find new paths to happiness. Being comfortable with who you are doesn’t allow for flexibility or growth. May even lead to eventual boredom and stagnation.

Now, it’s time to make the coffee.


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  1. “Days Bleed Into Night Becomes
    Morning With Barely A Whisper”
    How Poetic Your Words
    Are i Just mentioned
    “Rising Sun
    to Your
    Coming Moon ”
    To A Friend on
    the Other Side of the
    Globe With Falling Instead
    of RiSinG Sun Now.. “Days are numbers
    Watch the stars We can only see so far
    Someday, you’ll know where you are”
    A Quote From One of my Favorite
    Alan Parson’s Songs “Days
    Are Numbers” For the
    “Traveller”.. Smiles
    i am born With
    The Number
    Zero As Synchronicity
    And Numerology Dance
    And Sing Together With my
    Born on Date Given Name..
    0 is the Fool Tarot Card Number For Free
    Will To Do Nothing Or Do it all without
    Fear And So is the First Life Challenge
    Born in Numerology for 0 As Well Free
    Will To Do Nothing Or Do It All..
    After that for me at least the
    Next Three Life Challenge
    Numbers are 1 and 1 and
    1 that only Mean Affirming
    What Ya Wanna Do.. Smiles After
    Earning 3 College Degrees With Peanut
    Butter Sandwiches and A Car to Commute
    So Old With No Heating or Cooling Inside and
    3 Part Time Jobs at once to getting through to all
    3 Degrees the Administrator asked me in the Last Quarter
    of College.. What are You going to do with all that knowledge…
    i never entertained a Career i Never Entertained Money i never
    even thought about what i would do when i left School.. ‘Don’t Get too
    Comfortable With Who You Are” This Is so True as i Skated through the
    next 6 Years Handing Out Shoes in a Bowling Center with a smile everyday
    Just Relaxing Still Living at Home Not Worrying about any Numbers of Days or
    Years.. what i found though in the Pass Down Log at Work eventually was barely
    enough focus but to write Routine in it for literally years routine.. routine.. routine..
    true i was in
    ‘The Twilight
    Zone’ of
    that use it
    or lose it in all things
    Life applies what you gain
    may otherwise be lost be lost forevermorenow..
    It’s true as a shut-in you may even lose the ability
    to be Human at all.. if you don’t move the Moving
    may go away as well.. the thing is Instant Gratification
    Is a Poison We otherwise See as Reward i’ve learned
    that even though i’ve never actually been in Active Duty
    Military albeit working for the Military for a Quarter of A Century..
    Truly a Secret to Using and not losing all of what it means to be alive
    is to Create A New ‘Boot Camp’ Everyday and do more than the Previous
    Day forevermore now A Blooming Flower Where May Day is Just another Dance
    Now on a
    Tight Rope
    Higher true
    that rubs
    a lot
    of folks
    in an uncomfortable
    Way who do not care now
    to become Extraterrestrial this way
    But True What Bird is Happy not to Fly
    What Gift of Life is this Without Being
    ‘Pagan’ Enough to Be ‘Lucifer’ and see a bit more light
    Smiles my FRiEnD i still see the Promise of ‘the Morning Star’
    Happy ‘Pagan Good Friday’ i for one Worship this Gift of Life
    i for two see
    the rest
    me as God ‘0’
    D0 Or Do Not D0
    Karma Breathes THiS WaY
    Some of Us hear a Call Some
    of Us Take It And Fly Others Sit And Die Living
    In a ‘Vulture Snake Culture’ That Consumes More Than
    Gives i Dance And Sing Free Doing The Least Harm
    So Love Will
    Still See
    ‘LeSSoN 202’
    Days Are Numbers
    PReSeNT GiFT NoW BLooMinG FLoWeR
    More Than NuMBeRS BReaTHinG Flying Free
    Happy May Day “Pagan Good Friday” LiVinG
    i am Co-Creating It NoW Y NoT iMaGiNE
    A Place CeLeBRaTinG
    Yet in “Goddess
    Nike ViCToRY” JusT Do IT NoW…:)


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