For every angry minute, you lose 60 seconds of happiness

Some may say there’s a lot to be angry about these days. Much to be concerned about. Much to be disheartened about. All of which is true. This year has dealt us a bad hand. We keep pivoting and adjusting. There’s grand hope. But let’s get back to the anger part.

For many people, anger is swelling up from within. However, as Ralph Waldo Enerson supposedly noted “for every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” Such a statement implies that anger is a wasted emotion as one can instead spend one’s time on happiness. Indeed, I myself rather be happy than angry.

Yet anger shouldn’t be seen as a wasted emotion. It can serve as a motivator. It can be cathartic snd enlightening. If channeled correctly and left as a temporary, rather than, permanent state of being. Further, there are times when anger is completely justified.

What you feel is real and is part of your day and being. If one could avoid all anger-inducing situations, life would be joyful. Supposedly. Sometimes joy is even more intense after anger. We are cauldrons of emotions and we shouldn’t always put a lid on it.

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  1. Compersion the Empathy
    Of Feeling Pleasure of
    Others.. Sadism the Empathy of Enjoying
    The Pain Of
    Sadistic Psychopaths
    Who only Harmed Society
    In Getting off on inflicting
    Pain to others Were
    Pushed off Cliffs…
    What A Conundrum
    It is When Folks
    Seem to Hoot
    And Holler
    In Joy
    When They
    Are ‘Shot on
    5th Avenue’
    With Poisonous’
    Lies and Ignorance
    This is What A Court
    Jester Does With
    Anger as
    Doesn’t Kill
    The ‘Species’
    But it’s True Pest
    Control is Easier
    When The Roach
    Motel is Exposed
    In Broad
    Day Light..:)


  2. I’m absolutely all for owning all of my emotions and working with them. But some people seem to run on auto and don’t give them much thought and that’s bad. Like the guy who broke a Target employee’s arm over a face mask issue. Bad. So bad.


  3. That’s the fiction writer’s credo: don’t put a lid on it! Sliding into port is all the sweeter for having survived the storm.

    Of course, there is a real risk of not making it – or the thrills are fake.


  4. Anger. It can be a motivator. It motivated me through my 20s to leave the past behind and move on . Then I had to leave the anger behind. That required professional help.but it was successful.


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