Just a tiny place in a small moment to forget

These days have been rather long ones. At times, interminable. One day bleeds into the next. One moment in time quickly forgotten. Which is why we need to build up many calm, happy, soothing moments into one big collage in our minds.

We must actively pursue these moments anywhere and everywhere we happen to be. Here is a tiny place in a quickly gone moment where people were basking in a man-made tiny beach in the heart of an urban jungle. Built from the remnant of a railroad float transfer bridge that had settled on the river bed. This Brooklyn beach is designed to mimic natural tidal pools typically found along rocky coasts. a place of zen surrounded by harsh realities and fears. Yet, that moment cam be stored in our memory bank and occasionally pulled out to pull us back into our stronger selves.

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  1. Funny How Just one Photo
    or Word like Beach Will Bring
    A Whole New World Back…
    A Place Where You are
    Totally Different
    ‘Autistic Person’ entirely
    From Who You are now..
    So Afraid So Afraid So Punished
    By Every Cultural Environmental Stimulus
    And Human Emotion too.. Just
    so Overwhelming all through
    the Miles of Life Just
    too much just
    too much…
    Cat in a Cage
    in a Lightening Storm…
    Everyone Else at Peace
    So easy their Life Seems
    For they cannot See What
    Brews Within The Storm of my Soul..
    “Storm of my Soul’.. Such A Different Talk
    And Walk Than A Dance of “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    Now only if someone could have Showed me How at 42
    18 Years ago.. Then after Doing the Same Job For 18 long
    Years.. one i could Handle at Least in the Same Place with
    the Same People who had gotten use to the Different of me…
    Reduction in Federal Force.. Moved into A place of Employment
    i had never been before..
    A Job i had never
    done before…
    And a Job
    in the Military
    Administration Building
    of a Big Navy Station that
    No one else knew how to do either…
    As they said Just wander the Halls maybe
    Someone will be able to answer Your Questions…
    How Timid my Voice
    Was setting it
    on the
    Answering Machine
    That Day Soaking With
    Nervous Sweat as i already had almost
    20 Years in close to the Golden Handcuffs
    of Retirement in Federal Employment but so overwhelmed
    by a New Environment that the Only Way Saving A Storm of my
    Soul that
    Day is
    the Navy
    Station was located
    on the Beach.. So i went
    Back Home (the Beach) on my Lunch
    Break and i knew somehow i would get through…
    Nature has always been my FRiEnD and now the
    Rest of the World is no longer Overwhelming ‘FiEnd’ as of
    Course the
    of Nature
    Was Never ‘the
    Enemy’ to Begin with..:)


  2. I went for my trike ride today, out on the greenway and by the west pond – and I found myself trying consciously to take al of it in, the greenery, the flowers, the birds, the changing water, the City Of Davis uniformed man working on the watering system (they’re reducing the water requirements by a third in anticipation of fire season in California).


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