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I want to be distracted

There’s a classic punk song by the Ramones called I Want to be Sedated. Some of the lyrics, in case you’ve never heard of the song, goes

“20, 20, 20, 4, hours to go
I wanna be sedated
Nothing to do, nowhere to go, oh
I wanna be sedated…”

When this pandemic started, I actually had that song running through my head for a day or two. I, along with millions others, just hoped this would go away quickly. We hoped we could maybe be sedated and then poof, it would all be gone. That did not happen.

Now, instead of wanting to be sedated, want to be distracted. Just in a few hours, I already took 17,647 steps. I cleaned. I danced. I wrote lyrics. Felt good. It wasn’t mindless distractions. They were purposeful, directional distractions. Things to lift the spirits and keep things moving forward.

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  1. SMiLes The First 33 Of 66
    Months i could Do Nothing
    Of Substance With Shut-in
    Pain And Loss Of Emotions
    Part Two Then The Last 33 Months i Wrote At Least
    4 MiLLioN Words
    Of Empty Shells
    Searching For
    Essence of
    Soul Again…
    And Then on
    7.19.13 Standing
    On A Beach one With
    Sugar White Sand, Emerald
    Green Gulf, Swaying Sea
    Oats, Wings of Seagulls
    Spiraling the Sun…
    All The Pain Went
    Away And Even
    The Words Filled
    With Colors Again…
    Smiles These Are The
    Colors Of God Loving
    Life They Are Real
    This Love is
    Now God…
    Yes By God
    Then i Dance
    i Still Sing Now This
    Love For Life This
    For Real
    Eternally Now…
    SMiles.. The First
    Of God i Felt is
    My Mother’s
    i Still
    Day To You❣️


  2. Read. You can go live a completely different life for a while. Try Dune. Or The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Or The Thorn Birds. Or Jane Eyre.

    Or, as I’m doing in tiny bits, GRRM’s The Dying of the Light.

    Or mine, of course. But go live in a better time, at least for a while.


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