Smizing through a pandemic

Many years ago, I loved watching America’s Next Top Model. It was one of the “reality” shows that I loved to catch. Perhaps in part because I love photography and I love mixing up styles. What I really loved about the show was the smizing aspect. What is smizing? It’s when you smile with your eyes. I learned how to do it well. It helps draw people in. Captures moment.

Fast forward to covid-19 times. We are all going around wearing masks. Part of our being is covered and inaccessible to conversation partners. Here is where smizing comes in. We now take photos- some of us that is- wearing masks. As we take group photos I urge all to smize and bring it home.

Besides smizing, wearing these masks makes us try to express ourselves more overtly. Use our hands. Use our eyes. Use our words clearly. So practice your smizing

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  1. SMiLes i have the Opposite Problem Having to Wear Shades
    as i was always Noted for Having Smiling ‘Irish’ Eyes; Yes literally
    only Twice Removed from that Country With an Irish Catholic Priest
    Grandfather that gave it up so i could eventually exist too; but anyway
    once Smiling eyes have Left due to whatever Reasons come for that there
    is Other Facial Expressions and After that Goes away for Whatever Reason
    There is Joyful
    Free Style
    Dance Where
    The Gratitude for
    Life Is often Felt by
    Others Expressed as
    Positive Energy in the Room;
    Oh My God the Energy is Amazing
    In Positivity in Group Dance but even
    A Solitary Dance Will Take away the Masked
    Blues of Humans without A Face and Arms allowed to Hug;
    Viruses transmitted
    online at Least and i am
    Surely Happy that i recorded
    Literally Thousands of Joyous Smiles
    of Dance with myself and many other
    Socially Close Connecting Dancing Humans
    in 6 Years and 9 Months of Public Dance For True i couldn’t see my
    Eyes through Shades but the Eyes around me surely Reflect Still
    Eyes of Joy;
    Nope not
    that We Will
    Possibly Be Able
    to Buy At Walmart alone..:)


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