Come what may in September

We are 22 weeks into the year 2020. However, undoubtedly it has felt for many as if it has been 100 years packed into 22 weeks. Each time we have been hit with an unfathomable event, collectively we have felt that we will be able to move on. Then we get hit with a new issue. And so the cycle goes. Almost want to scream out to the world “thank you, next”.

For a while I believed the summer would bring reprieve. Then we would possibly need to pivot back again in September. Now, I just don’t know. Anything can happen. Sounds so cliche yet perfectly captures this moment in time. Thus, come what may in September.

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  1. It’s A ‘Perfect Synergy’ of
    S-Storms And It Appears
    Everyone May Eventually
    Get Rained on i’m Holding
    Tight Under ‘Rhianna’s Umbrella’ And Doing My
    Best to Stay on Top of
    ‘Katy Perry’s Dark Horse
    Pyramid’ All That’s Missing
    Is ‘Madonna’s Illuminati’ And ‘The Beatles All
    You Need is Love’
    God For
    Music The
    One Constant
    With Dance
    Fueling All Of
    String Theory
    In Quantum
    This About
    Covers ‘It’
    Up Have A Nice Day’..:)

    -Forrest Gump/
    Ferris Bueller 2.0


  2. I too thought like you we would end up pivoting back in September/October. Now I just don’t know and with 2 kids looking to desperately go back to school in September it is wearing me down. Cannot keep this up long term.


  3. I cannot see the future and embrace that, today is what I have. I am growing comfortable with endless questions that have no answers. I don’t think that’s new, it’s always been this way and I am taking notice. Thank you for sharing this.


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