What’s missing or unavailable

These days a lot of things are missing. People on the streets, for one. Actually, that’s not true. Not even in New York City the epicenter of the US pandemic. Sense of humor can be missing at times. Actually, no many of us have developed an even sharper wit. One needs to laugh at times. Most assuredly, toilet paper is missing from the shelves. Well, that’s making a comeback now too.

For fun, I decided to just look and see what may not be available on Amazon. I figured some odd things may be out of stock.

Amazon donut coffee is out of stock. Chocolate candy bar variety box was also out. Many types and brands of sparkling water were out. Vanilla coffee syrup is also out. My dog’s favorite dragon toy is out. The horror! Potato bread has an exhorbitant markup. Mojito cocktail mix is out as well as packing tape. Cat shaped ice cube trays will come back in a few weeks. How’d that become unavailable? I suppose one needs silly ice to pass the time away.

What will be unavailable a few weeks from now remains to be seen. It will undoubtedly showcase the minds of people at that point in time.

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  1. I looked for dumbbell weights for the online gym class my husband and I are doing every day. None to be had. And Amazon said they did not know when , if ever, they would be available. None….not the big heavy ones, not the small sets of colored ones,not the single ones. None! So I guess EVERYONE is doing online weights at home!!


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