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There’s no guaranteed lightswitch

Instability Rickety slates The air empty of fate Sprinting through the heavy doors Blinded by the darkness Dizzy spots fill the irises Blood pressure rises The boogeyman awaits The city lights but a flicker in the highrises There’s no guaranteed lightswitch There’s no real life insurance Just forbearance and weighted […]

Magical realism in a coffee cup

  The bakery called to her after her strenuous morning workout. She went to have coffee surrounded by others so that she wouldn’t cry causing the heavily-sugared coffee to bubble.  She sat with her croissant and latte dreaming of what was next. Around-the-world sailing? She couldn’t swim, though. […]

Walking in BreadCrumbs

  And I’m walking in breadcrumbs And I’m not going to balk Feeling my step As they all talk   I’m rising up, reaching north Headed west, feeling the heat Scaling walls, unbinding ties Fanning flames, putting out the fire   And I’m walking in breadcrumbs And I’m not going […]

Who’s that girl?

  She sat quietly looking at the photograph displayed in the local cafe. She always came in and order her shwarma platter with the spicy green sauce. No kebabs served here and they made sure to tell you that in bold letters on the storefront window. They wanted […]

Thank you for being an a$s

Just beat it No one wants to be depleted Your contagious mediocrity is putrefying Your baseless arrogance is stupefying Your extreme pettiness is confining Your false alacrity is mystifying Your careless whisper is clarifying Your exemplary triteness is testifying Your jittery righteousness is  unbecoming Your inharmonious sincerity is […]