I think the beastie boys would back up Sanna Marin and her right to party

So, a female Prime Minister went and partied with her friends and someone leaked it to the world. She had been dancing and smiling and dancing some more on the videos. And, a frenzy occurred. Such a frenzy took place that she, the Prime Minister of Finland, took a drug test. And guess what? The Finnish PM Sanna Marin tested negative for drugs after her ‘wild’ dance party.

Amazing that someone had to justify their right to party. I think the remaining Beastie Boys need to say she has a right to party! Since when can we say to people that they can’t party as a human being just because they hold a position of some stature? We need to vent, scream, dance and be free at times. We are not meant to be robots. For that we have robots. And, then she had to take a drug test. Well, she volunteered. But still.

Look. Here’s the deal. I party. I will always party. I may one day run for political office and I can assure you I will still dance. Who hasn’t ever done the risky business dance at home? Let’s be real. Let’s be human. And, let’s let others be human.

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  1. Nah, i Wont Back Down
    From Partying Like
    Heaven Really
    Exists Now

    Either Dear
    Miriam Newly

    i’ll Stand my Ground
    Reaching Stars Real

    With Wings Free

    As Of Course

    IT Does if the
    Party and the
    After Party Is New Now..:)


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