Why don’t you try my shoes on for a change

You think you know me so well

Put the shoes on

They’ll feel strange and weird

Soon you’ll be haggard, down and out

Yet I still stand tall in my shoes

Oh well, you didn’t quite know me

Maybe now pick up your spitted bile and redirect it

You’re a sheep in wolf’s skin

Prickly and angry you need a makeover

Your lens, your skin, your tongue are forked and twisted

Change your shoes and warm up your heart

You just might find happiness

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam
    Little Children Sing
    With No Words Dance
    With No Lessons Just
    Regulating Emotions and
    Integrating Senses as Puppies
    And Kittens At Play Naturally Do
    As Well Yet in the Case of Humans
    And Putting People First Developing
    Eventually Empathy and Compassion For
    All With Least Harm Quiet Hands And Feet
    in Pews At Church and Desks at School Come to
    Rule And A Free
    Song May Go Away
    Where ‘Screams’ of Screens
    Decrease Desk Top Space Even More
    So WHeRE Does the Human Horizon of
    LiVinG Trees GroW iN Homes like This
    True Sadly So Often People Come Last
    And All That’s Left is a Dopamine and
    Adrenaline Addiction to Fear
    Mal-Content Anger And
    Hate Where
    into DarK
    And A Cruel
    Orb of SoUL
    Rules The Day
    Total Eclipse of the
    Soul For Others Until
    The Dance And Song Free Returns
    Souls Refurbishing Back to People First…
    Disclaimer: i Am Not A Medical Professional
    Just Someone Who Escaped Hell into Heaven For Real..:)


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