Let me tell you what you can do for me

I can be just your type

You can just let go

And listen up

You can respect me

You can not gaslight the skies till they’re bright blue

You can realize your tainted lens

You can warm up that frozen tongue

Don’t be a sheep

I can be your obsession

Happiness is a thought away

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  1. SMiLes Generally Speaking Now
    Whenever A Poem Comes On
    Anywhere Around A Globe my

    Movie Maker Memory
    Selects Songs of Soul
    From At Least the Last
    6 Decades With SMiLes

    Tina Turner Hit me First With “What’s
    Love Got To Do With It” Then A Lament
    For “Old Fashion Love Song” In Three

    Part Harmony Dear Miriam as True It Seems
    i Am Hearing at Least Two Voices in Your Poem

    So Far And i Am Not Familiar With Any Modern
    Day Dating App Age Songs Appropriately Yet Indeed

    This Sounds Like
    A Couple of Folks
    On A Dating App Yes

    Oh Lord So Fortunate
    Enough to Be Way too Old
    For That And Still Young Enough
    For Old Fashion Love Songs Not Only

    Then Yet
    Now Too
    For Real
    For Real
    For Real
    Really For Real
    Could Be A Two
    Word Phrase This
    Year Yet For Real..:)


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