I’m canceling my subscription to your issues

No more magazine fluff

No more overwrought drama

No more constant bellyaching

No more impossible puzzle to solve

No more fake glitter

No more waste

No more empty words


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  1. SMiLes For 66 Months i Dreamed
    Of An Off Switch For Life

    Dear Miriam True

    i Found That Dream

    Not to Be An Easy

    One to Turn Off

    Indeed Life is

    Full of
    And Dreams Still to Be

    True There Are So Many
    Off Switches Today Yet Few On..:)


  2. Don’t know why,
    but when I saw “No More…” many times in your post, it reminded me Ray Charles song…

    Anyway, good post… Solid decision!

    Not always is easy to take a resolution. This is a good example of how one must face obstacles in a decisively manner.

    I like this post.

    By the way, I hope you are enjoying your trip! 😀 ✈️


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