The most difficult decision is to act, the rest is merely tenacity

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward – Amelia Earhart

In healthcare, you have a quality improvement process called PDSA: plan, do, study, act. In order to improve care and outcomes, you first must identify an issue of concern and put forth a plan. Thereafter its all about implementing, learning, and acting on the improvements. Action-oriented is the overall gist of it.

Amelia Earhart was right.

Tenacity. I got that. Resilient. I’ve lived that. Mission-driven. I am that. I’ve always been action oriented but I have stalled and sputtered a bit. But there comes a time when there’s no more time left. Do or die. Bite the bullet. One must act. At the end, it’s that simple although the mind somersaults can be complicated.

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  1. ‘You can do anything you decide to do.’
    As long as your decision is something you could do, physically and mentally.
    That’s where the rub is – and the gurus and seers fail: you must first be very, very clear whether you actually can. Lack of physical health takes SO many things out of the realm of the possible, and you don’t have a choice about that.
    After that you have a real possibility, but it won’t make reality go away. Though most people underestimate their own reality.

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  2. Effortless Ease
    of Non-Doing Yet
    Doing More Than
    Ever Before Yet Of Course

    That Doesn’t Apply
    So Much to Health Care

    Where Tenacity
    is Most Definitely
    Required Beyond Just

    Holding on
    Loosely On
    A Wing Free
    A Bird With
    Nary A Trip
    To A Doctor of Course

    It’s Rather Scary Dear
    Miriam to Imagine Folks
    Graduating From TikTok
    To Surgery Indeed Yes Part

    oF A Reason i Take Good
    Care of
    of Course
    In Effortless
    Ease of Doing More…:)

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