Shame on me for even considering it

How do you balance work and home life?

I used to scoff at the notion of work/life balance. If you like work well enough, it can become part of your life. There need not be a separation between life and work.

Now, I’m not too sure I feel that way. There is a need to box certain things in one’s world. Unless you’re the U.S. President (or other world leader), you should attempt to separate out work. Compartmentalize it. I didn’t for the longest time, and I came to pay the consequences that were varied. And, trust me, there were consequences.

Sadly, I had learned that lesson, and yet I almost made the same mistake of taking on a work “project” that would have disturbed a work/life equilibrium. Shame on me for even considering it. I should have said no from the start and not gone through the consideration motions.

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  1. Just like what Dad said months after my mother died: “When you die, the place you worked at will simply get a new person to replace you the next day. But family? They’ll remember you forever.”


  2. Ah Yes Dear Miriam

    If We Don’t Balance

    Work and Home Life

    Eventually Life Will

    Balance Us With or Without

    A Fall Out of Gravity Out Of Orbit

    of Our

    Swept Away
    Into Oblivion

    With A Chance of
    Course For A Return
    oF A New Creation

    True The 5th Decade
    Is Assessed As the
    Decade Most Likely


    to Let Humpty
    Dumpty Try
    to Rearrange
    Pieces Left of The ‘SHeLL’….

    Looking For And Perhaps Even
    Finding A New Love For Life God

    Yes Never Experienced RiSinG OuT
    of DarK Oblivion oh the Silver Linings


    of Eight’ into
    Colors of New FLoWeRS

    A Soul We Cannot Afford
    to ‘Default’ on Now For Real..:)


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