I can’t find my way to get rid of my clothes away

What’s the oldest things you’re wearing today?

I have several closets full of dresses and more dresses. A closet full of shoes and more shoes. A closet maxed out in blouses, shirts, and jeans. And, many of these are older than a decade. I just can’t follow that rule that one should get rid of clothes one hasn’t worn in the past two years.

Look, some clothes have sentimental value. Others remind oneself of how we used to be. Other clothes are aspirational.

As such, loaded with a myriad of reasons for why to keep articles of clothing, I keep transporting beyween all my moves boxes upon boxes of my clothes, as well as my son’s. I want there to be a legacy for him and his future family.

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  1. As the beneficiary of “legacies” from multiple generations of family, I can say that dealing with all the stuff is a life task in itself. I wish my parents had made more effort to get rid of things that crowded every nook and cranny.
    I have old clothes, too, with those I wear until I wear them out, like 30-year-old hospital scrubs, that I’ve re-purposed as yard clothes, that I’ve patched and repaired so many times they are rotten, almost beyond repair.
    Making decisions about what to do with the profusion of stuff breeds resentment, not gratitude. Some empty space is sometimes the most valuable inheritance.

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  3. I am dealing with things in my closet, trying to clear it out, down to what I actually wear and/or use. So many clothes of various sizes as I’ve gone thru a couple of transformations over the last 20 years. I’m currently wearing the larger sizes as my grief tends to have me eating comfort foods. I still have a couple of things of my late brother’s, a shirt I have photos of him wearing, and his beat up measuring tape from work. I also have my late father’s ratty ofd bathrobe that he wore so often when at home. Now I’ve kept a pile of my late son’s clothes, etc and need to make room for it in the closet as well. Many things have been taken to the thrift store to donate, still purposeful for someone. Lots of mixed feelings and decisions I really don’t want to make, but the clutter is getting to me, so it has to be done.

    I guess I have in mind that someone (I don’t know who now) will have to go thru my things one day, and I want to make it easier for them. Lots of emotions flooding up as I go. Sending you good thoughts.

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