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Oh what a night: coyotes in my yard & a ny earthquake

I’m a bit of a night owl. I’m tired but wife aeake at 2am. And, what a night it has been.

First off, we haven’t seen the resident groundhog. We are afraid that the fox ate him.

Second, we heard a terrifying cry from an animal. I looked out back to my yard that is up against a nature preserve and saw a coyote. As I stared at it, I heard a continuous screeching. A cry. Sounded like a hurt animal. I wanted to run out and help the distressed creature. However, I remembered that one should avoid coyotes. I most certainly did not want my dogs to head out to the yard and have a coyote encounter. I myself became distressed at the crying sounds. Was it a wounded animal? I banged on my window, and the coyote moved on. But the crying sounds continued until they stopped. I think I’m traumatized by this.

Then, at around 1:50am, while watching a Jennifer Garner show on Apple tv, I heard a deep rumble similar to what I have experienced in California. I immediately felt ot was am earthquake. A mild one. But at 2am, I did not secure my safety as taught back in California. Sigh.

I immediately went on Twitter to see if others experienced something similar. Sure enough, a few of us night owls started reporting an earthquake. I love Twitter just for that reason. I hadn’t imagined the rumble.

Oh, what a night. At some point, I must sleep. But when? According to the Beastie Boys, no sleep till Brooklyn.

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  1. SMiLes “Oh What A Night”

    i Went Straight to ‘1963’

    In ‘December’ of That Year

    And Still Have That

    ‘Ear Worm’ Singing

    That Very Positive Song

    Wildlife is Surely a Way of Life Free

    Anyway ‘Earth Wind And Fire’ Got

    The Date Correct on ‘September 21st’

    i ‘Do Remember’ in 1989 True

    Per ‘Afternoon

    Delight’ too

    Dear Miriam
    With SMiLes

    Life is A Dance And
    Song Yes Whether We
    Do it or Free Coyotes Do…

    True i Felt ‘The Earth Shake
    Underneath my Feet’ too hehe..:)


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