My DNA would not allow me to be something else

Are you a leader or a follower?

Unfortunately, I was born to be a leader. Don’t get me wrong, I am a good leader. Some might disagree. But for the most part, I have led, fairly, equitably, and strategically. I have a way of seeing the big picture while also being able to operationalize the vision. I also have enjoyed being a leader. I do get a lot mentally out of leading a team. It invogorates and energizes me.

Why, then, did I start by saying, unfortunately? Being a leader doesn’t bring many good friends. You often have to worry about politics and playing chess. While it is invigorating to lead, it can also be draining. And, that work/life balance a lot of people like to talk about and encourage, doesn’t always apply to a leader. For many, it is often inconceivable to consider that a leader may turn off their phone for a bit.

Yet, I wouldn’t want to stop being a leader. My DNA would not allow me to be something else. At least, for today. At least for now. Tomorrow or in the future, paths may change. And, that is what I am trying to get myself to come to terms with.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam i’m Neither Follower or Leader

    i’M A GArdener of Weeds i am Free Yet oh Dear Lord

    That Didn’t Stop the Folks Around me AT Work FOR



    It’s More Fun Watering

    The Top of the Pyramid

    From The Base And

    Fading Away

    Like i


    Existed At All…

    Except of Course for A

    ‘Nine Dimensional’


    Other Than ‘That Cat’
    i Am A Weed i AM Rather
    iNVaSiVE WeaRinG Many
    Free CoLoRS oF FLoWeRS…

    Other Than That Society Requires

    Servant Leaders Who Are Compassionate

    And Empathetic to Lead Same With Followers
    You Seem Like A Good
    Leader to me


    Like That

    Other Wise

    Humans Fall

    Apart Face Palms

    Thick Wonder What

    That Would Look Like As A Watcher…

    (Oh Dear What A Sad Rhetorical Question)

    Or Ever Day Participant Anthropology

    Writing A
    Too Just
    For Puns of Fun…

    Yep It’s True i Am
    Heaven Dweller Now

    in The Garden of myself
    This Field of Dreams i Build…

    It’s Shaped More Like A Tsunami
    Than Golden Pyramid Or the ASTeRoiD That Came First

    After 66 MiLLioN Years or 66 Months Time is of no Import…


    i Am From
    Staycationing New..:)


  2. Is there a third path? It seems everyone wants to lead others, when they frequently don’t know where they are going. Is it an asset to lead others into dangerous or untenable positions?
    I tend to be neither leader nor follower. I’m an adventurer, seeking my own path, reluctant to entangle others in my unpredictable experiences.
    While I appreciate the benefits of teamwork, and know much we rely on today, such as modern technology, resulted from the willing or unwilling cooperation of large groups of people, I’m an avoider of the conflicts generated by political vying for supremacy.
    Historically, leadership is associated with war and conquest. I’ve been reading about the empires of the past, in which the remembered “leaders” were warriors who captured or regained agricultural or resource-rich land, seaports, or slaves (as Julius Caesar did) for their groups.
    Leaders need followers, but followers have their own motives for following. Each fulfills a purpose and deserves appreciation and respect.
    Perhaps the best “leaders” are the problem solvers, who can build bridges of cooperation between conflictual groups to achieve shared objectives.


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