Gonna leave this untitled

Much is still unwritten. Many words are listed in the various dictionaries. And, why do we need so many dictionaries? Aren’t words, words? New words are seemingly added each day. Words that were once forbidden – meaning they were not considered to be words such as ain’t, are now words. Words evolve. Meaning changes. Meaning contracts. Meaning expands.

I’m a bit tired of words. Some people use too many. Others, not nearly enough, so that you are left pondering if anything was really said. Come to think of it, those who use too many words often say nothing of consequence. Hence, I’m a bit tired of words. Maybe there is something there for ChatGPT. But back to my tiredness of words. I think I’ll just engage in improvisational dancing to express myself.

Madonna once noted that:

Express yourself
You’ve got to make him
Express himself

But, maybe not. What’s the point? It’s all gobbledygook. Is it not? Words, words, words. What are they good for. Voltaire once noted “the secret of being boring is to say everything.” Indeed. Keep quiet. Be mysterious. Yet, as Joseph Conrad noted:

“My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel–it is, before all, to make you see.”

Choose your words and choose your when. And, I remain untitled.

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  1. What is Probably Responsible for Most

    Harming Raping Maiming and Killing

    That Naturally Comes From Ignorance

    Is YeS Words Attributed to Folks Who

    May Have Never Said Any of the Words At

    All Oh Dear Lord if Only They Had Blogs Back

    Then and



    to Record

    What ‘They’ Said

    Now We Have A
    Ball of Confusion Instead INDeeD

    Dear Miriam Yes Considering the
    Average Human is Assessed By
    Science as Having Less than
    A 3 Second Attention Span

    Of Literally A Gold Fish

    Less That’s Just Work

    For ‘ChatGPT’ to

    ‘Look’ At

    Anyway Hehe

    On the Other Hands
    IT Rests my Feet From
    Miles and Miles of Endless
    Dance Just for the Joy of Non-Verbal

    Communication That Develops Human
    Intelligences Such as Proprioception and
    Interoception to Both ‘See’ With SKin And




    of Humanity Real

    As It’s True Whatever
    Comes up on Any Screen
    Will Take Some of Our Human
    Potentials Away if We Stay in ‘The

    of the
    Flies Trap’..:)


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