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95 problems and paths: Seeking the light

What’s one small improvement you can make in your life?

This week was supposed to be one on which I could finally get some certainty and make decisions. Yet, the week continues to be one in which I continue to have a mounting set of problems and decisions to make, but no real decision points are materializing. I know that sounds odd, obscure, and abstract. That’s exactly how my eyes are seeing the world. It’s how my brain is processing all the events, big and small.

One decision I can make is to make sure I keep taking 10,000 steps each day. My goal is to take these steps while not taking work calls. I’m looking to have more “me” time. The hope is that during my “me” time, I find the lighted path. I need my lightbulb moments.

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  1. iNdeed Dear Miriam A
    First Step of Getting Out
    Of ‘YouR Head’ ALLoWinG
    Deeper Subconscious Solving
    Problem ABiLITiES RiSinG Dancing
    YeS Up to Your ENTiRE Ocean Surface
    Whole SoUL
    Is iNdeed
    A First Step or
    Ten Thousandth
    Step WHere EvenTuAlly
    Through Bio-Feedback one
    Step Will Leap All Logic And
    Problem Solving Will Come Out
    of Chaos MaGiC iN Reason Beyond
    Rationality As CReaTiViTY SPRinGS
    Forth Out of
    of Aha
    Aha Aha Aha…
    Yet Dear Lord THere
    is No Instruction Manual
    For How You May Do Each
    Step to Make It Happen
    WiTHiN oF
    You For Real..:)


  2. Only works if you can walk.

    If I could walk, I would have a lot fewer problems to deal with.

    If I were well, I might find an orthopedic surgeon I could trust to repair the damage – and get through PT. As it is, only extremely necessary surgery will happen – I had such a hard time last September.

    Please, medical researchers, solve ME/CFS and Long Covid, so I can get well enough to fix the back/spine problem, so I can walk.


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