Eureka: My sheer determination will get me through my next sense of loss

What gives you direction in life?

Eureka! I loved that highly underrated television show. But, I am not here to talk about that quirky, goofy show. I experienced a “eureka” moment the other night. I struck gold. I had a lightbulb moment. Well, in reverse order.

I didn’t go to sleep until 2am, the other night. I got caught up in a totally depressing television show called Firefly Lane. I knew how it would end, and I still watched it and cried out loud. However, it was cathartic to do so because that night, I found something that I had thought was lost forever. Back in January, I wanted to wear a particular pair of earrings to a memorial service. Yet, I couldn’t find them anywhere. I was distraught. And, then occasionally I would try again to find them.

This other night, however, I dug deep into my core strengths of good memory, stubbornness, and sheer will. A super sense of determination. I thought through when I last saw these earrings. I looked at photos. And, then I had that lightbulb moment. And, then I struck gold. I found these earrings that had immense personal meaning to me. I had a strong sense of relief and happiness. I sat stunned for a bit. Then, I patted myself on the back because I dug deep into myself and focused myself to the point that I could see clearly and be methodical.

Then I watched a tearjeaker of a show and fell asleep happy and spent.

I will never replace those earrings again. The pain would be too much at that point. But for now, I have them back, and my sheer determination will get me through my next sense of loss.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam Whatever It is We Value
    Tends to Give Us Directions of Life And True
    ‘Totem’ in All the Forms Symbols and Ideologies
    Come And Yes A Matter of Things Will Provide
    Stuffed Animal
    Comfort ACRoSS
    The Lifespan
    In Healing Pain
    And Anxieties for Real
    God Speed Force Yes And
    Power to Whatever Works for
    You Sugar Pill and So Much More
    For What Works Best As Yes We aRe
    As Alive
    As We
    Feel and
    Sense This
    Existence Now
    WiTHiN to Give
    Share Care And
    Heal Best With
    Most Respect
    Least Harm
    New Yep Up or Down
    Or The Tween of That…
    For All the WarmtH EaRRinGS
    Of LoVE iN Peace Will BRinG You Newly Now..:)


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