I’m not about the truffle oil at all

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

I don’t like truffle oil. However, every once in a while, I forget and order a restaurant item that has truffle in it. The last time I did that, I ate one small bite and immediately asked for the check and got out as quickly as possible.

Today, I ordered a Calabrese pizza, and sadly, I received a mushroom truffle pizza. I didn’t realize it at first, and when I bit into it, I gagged and spit it out. Then I had to ask for a refund and was left hungry. I was not thrilled.

But I was reminded of some cooking shows and chefs who similarly hate truffle oil. Chef Ken, in describing truffle oil, noted words, that truffle oil is not only fake and dishonest and allows people to cheat, but it also tastes bad. Another chef noted “It’s a huge rip off.”

My favorite chef, Anthony Bourdain, noted in his great typical way that truffle oil is a “horrible” ingredient that’s “about as edible as Astroglide and made from the same stuff.” Oh my! Saucy!

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  1. “What Is White Truffle Oil?

    The flavor of truffle oil can be described as
    earthy, pungent, mushroomy, or perfumy,
    artificial, or even like gasoline. Also, because
    the synthetic compound is difficult to digest,
    some diners find that the flavor can linger

    for quite a while afterwards.”

    Hehe Thanks For the Heads
    Up Dear Miriam i Got to the
    Gasoline Part After i Asked

    my Wife What it is And It’s

    Okay That She Has No Plans
    of Using it and There is No Restaurant

    We Will Ever Possibly Use That Will Go
    As High Class With Oil That Tastes
    Like Synthetic Oil

    Gasoline Hehe…

    i Guess i’ll
    Stick With
    Home Cooking

    As Even the Service
    At the Local iHop is

    Going Down Hill Since They
    Got Rid of the Older Waitresses….

    So Goes the Trend of Competence These Days…

    Part of the
    Trend of

    of course too

    Reflected By Rates of
    Depression and Anxiety
    Among Youth 4 to 5 Times

    (Makes Competence That
    Much More Difficult too
    Yep Been there Done it too)

    Higher Than Longitudinal
    Empirical Studies Done Since
    The Actual 20’s and 30’s During

    The Last Socio-Economic Depression
    When Youth Had 4 to 5 Times Less Anxiety and Depression

    i Digress Yet the World is Becoming More Synthetic in Human
    Ways Far Beyond Any Fears of Artificial Intelligence Per Effect And Affect…







  2. I remember seeing the episode where Anthony Bourdain made that comment about truffle oil and I almost spit out my mouthful of it. 😉 But seriously, I agree with you. Truffle oil is just bad.


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