Then, she wondered whether she was awake or not

She had stumbled out of bed after a highly charged night of intense lucid dreams. She still felt as if she were floating and flittering about in some dreamcage. She always believed dreams were prophetic, but the scientist in her could explain it all away. Now, night after night, her dreams were more accessible and tangible and touchable. Her subconscious was teetering and impinging upon her waking steps.

She walked out of the house, and the air was thicker than usual. Her skin felt prickly. Her eyes were darting everywhere.

Then she saw it. The large birds plastered to the building, trying to fly away. They wanted to be free. She had to help them but the air was too thick. She reached up to the wall. Then, she wondered whether she was awake or not.

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  1. Oh Dear Miriam The World Looks

    So Different With Colors More Subtle

    Colors of Emotion That Create New Hues

    in All We Do True in the Burn Out Stages of

    Burn Out Hell All Frozen For 66 Months

    The Air Became Thicker and Harder

    to Literally Breathe

    Bodily Systems

    Worn Out Not Even
    Able to in A Cardiovascular

    And Autonomic Nervous System

    Fashion Then Move Blood to my
    Brain Particularly in Warm Humid

    Weather Pre-Syncope of Fainting Yes

    Always Close Yet Never Fully Blacking out

    Just in the Precipice of Barely Being Here Then

    Grey Shades Life as i No Longer Could Paint the

    Clouds With Colors of Soul Just Grey SHades Life All Around

    One Thing Great About Going to the Lowest And Highest Floors

    of Existence With Both A Free Basement and Penthouse View out

    of the Eye of the

    LoVE iN Peace

    Pyramid all the
    Way Up At The Top

    Is Appreciation For All the
    Levels in the Tween And Since

    Everything in the News is Political

    Of Course These Days Understanding

    Why Some Folks Who Are Poor too Poor

    to Get the Kind of Medical Documentation i Needed

    to Stay Alive in All the Ways Life Comes in the Ways of the Living Dead

    That It’s True

    There Are Some

    Folks Who Are

    Unemployed That

    Truly Need Some Kind
    of Assistance to Get By

    Why The Hell Do Those Who Support
    The Dude Who Said He Would Send Those
    Changed As Sheep to Goats Who Don’t Support

    The Least of All That is Still Him Integral to All of Existence
    Still Them True i For One Hope They Don’t Have to Burn Forever

    For Bullying the Poor and Hungry And Those of Diversity Who Don’t
    Orient The Same and Perhaps More like the Little Brown Dude From Over

    THere For Whoever

    Whatever Whenever

    The Meek and

    And Poor

    of SPiRiT Were Then and Now

    Oh Dear Lord To Go to Hell Yes
    Enough to At Least Rise Enough
    Not to Exclude Anyone From the Freedom of Breathing Free…

    It’s Not that Hell is Real Just the Absence of LoVE iN Peace That’s All

    For the Burning

    is a Self-Fulfilling

    FRoZeN Prophecy of Ignoring

    The Natures That Glue Us All Together Free..:)


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