Gifts for oneself: Huh?

The month of may is almost here, and usually, I’m very excited about this upcoming month. As the month of May is my birthday month. But it’s been a tough year thus far. There’s thunder and lightning today, and the day is dreary. Tomorrow promises no less dreariness. Is that a word? I believe it is.

For my birthday, I have recently started a tradition of buying myself a little gift for my birthday. This may sound corny, but I buy one on behalf of my mom. I try to think of what my mom would like to get for me. Maybe that’s a bit maudlin. At this point, I don’t know.

Anyway, permit me one more, possibly maudlin bit. This year, I have three gifts to buy on behalf of others. Anyway, I don’t want this to be an exercise in the depressing realm of being. It’s meant to be sweet, nostalgic, and even happy.

This year, I’m a bit stuck. I have no clue. Thus, I googled. I searched. I went on Amazon and looked for “gifts for oneself.” A hand massager came up first. I giggled. Then I saw a wearable sherpa blanket and tattoo markers. Does anyone else find these to be strange first options? I have to say I’m tempted by the wearable sherpa blanket. I could even wear it at work instead of using a heater that is against company policy.

On Google, you get some interesting lists, including womens Moroccan Leather Babouche Slippers. There are also just plain microwavable slippers.

Apparently, the notion is that if you are buying yourself a gift, your body aches, and you are feeling cold.

I think I’ll go for some candy, jewelry, and some high heels. Maybe I’ll throw in a wearable sherpa blanket, but only if in pink.

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  1. Oh Dear Lord my Goodness Just the Thought

    of Any Gift With the Texture of Wool Gives

    me A Most Uncomfortable Feeling of Touch

    From Afar Like Most Other Man Made

    Materials Dear Miriam With Extreme

    Tactile Sensitivity That Way

    Yet It’s True Hanes Will

    Do And 100 Percent

    Cotton T-Shirts

    Too As Today i Went

    As the Gift of A Goat Yes

    A Huge Goat on A Shirt Coming

    Out of Blue Skies Like Our Day of Sunday

    Following An All Day Saturday Rain my

    Maternal Grandmother Picked Cotton From
    Sunrise to Sunset Helping Her Father

    She Had To Quit School in 9th Grade

    When Her Mother Died From Breast

    Cancer Then Helping To Raise her Two

    Sisters Who Got To Go To College And Make

    A Rather Easy Life For Themselves Compared to Hers

    Waiting Tables A Decade Raising 3 Girls of Her Own

    12 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week No Car Then Walking

    To Work In Every Weather to Come to Survive Wow

    Her Hands From Picking That Cotton Were As Big And

    Strong As A Man’s Hands Yet Worn By Arthritic Joints From

    A Life of So Much Stress And Worry Where Immune Systems Issues

    Often Sprout Anyway ‘Steel Magnolias’ Come in Many Different Editions For

    Real Whenever

    i Gain Comfort

    in The Every Day
    Gift of A Cotton T-Shirt
    i Am Reminded of my Grandmother’s

    Strong Hands Sadly Though She Worried
    If i Played The Piano i Might Become Like ‘Liberace’

    As It’s True She Was the First Woman to Wear Slacks

    in Town And Work in the Parts Department of the Auto Dealer

    During World War II in Her Own Strong Armed Rosie the Riveter

    Job Then i Often Wonder Why Folks Project Their own Fears on Others

    For It’s True if We Cannot Become Our True And Authentic Selves and

    Value That

    What Gift

    is THere

    Left in Life

    To Truly Own
    And Cherish For Real…

    my Father Left at 3 He Was
    A Big Tough Law Enforcement
    Guy Who Thought my Mother Should
    Work to Make Him Rich Rather Than
    Raise Children in a Garden of Love

    He Told me if i Joined the Military
    it would make me a Man And my

    Grandmother Told me When
    i Was Little Watching

    The Men Paint Her
    Home From Inside

    Those Are Real Men Doing
    Real Work As It’s True i Was
    Too Weak To Push the Mower
    Through Her Thick River Grass

    And Even Later in 6th Grade too
    Fragile to Complete the Raking of
    A Neighbor’s Yard to Make a Few Dollars

    As My Mother Was in no Position to Dole Out Allowances…

    Yet It’s True my FRiEnD the Greatest Gift is Change And the

    Greatest Strength is Pay No Attention to the Labels Others Give

    You Like the F Word in Middle School When You Dare to Smile

    At the City Park or School Halls True the F Word and Not Fred

    By The So-Called Christian Bully Boys Who Threatened Any
    Boy who Might

    Dare to Express

    A Smile Just For the

    Gift of Breathing This Life

    And Getting to Learn Something

    New at School or Becoming One with
    The Ball, Racquet, and Back Board in

    Zen Solo Tennis Play At the City Park

    A Greatest Gift is Outcast in Every God

    Damned Way Even When You Have

    to Go to Hell to Find the Manual

    to Who You Even Are the

    Greatest Gift is Change

    As We Will Come

    out of the

    DarK And Be
    A New Creation
    No Different than
    Butterfly Rising Out of a Cocoon
    No Longer Tripping Over Caterpillar Feet Either hehe

    God Bless the Outcasts For They Shall Find A Way to Inherit the
    Earth Free



    the Best God
    Damned Gift Ever…

    Free of Bullshit Free of Bullshit…

    Free of All Man Made God Damned CRap

    Happy Birthday For All Who Rise From Low

    And Become Human Enough to Be THe All…

    To Be the ‘Impossible Dreamer’ For Real With SMiLes..:)


  2. Always tough, but I learned that the best birthday celebrations are the ones that I throw myself.

    It’s too bad, but expecting other people to even remember my birthday (beyond a quick call from my sisters and kids) leads directly to unhappiness. Planning my own (in New Jersey it was my annual pot luck picnic for my birthday) works better – fewer disappointments.

    Having been chronically ill for 33 years also made special stuff like birthdays much harder for me: even if the healthy people weren’t going to do anything special, I still wanted to see them.

    Now that we live in a retirement community, and the pandemic is over (ha!), I need to find a substitute.


  3. Happy birthday, Taurus, fixed sign, signifying the height of a season, when it is in full swing, as now. Taurus is Venus-ruled, so, though strong and stable, inclined to gentleness and beauty, the pastels of spring flowers, and lounging in shade and sun. A terror when provoked too much, but usually placid and calm.


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