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Oh, but I digress: Stay away rain

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My birthday is coming up in a few days. I love my birthday month. However, the last year was quite horrid and sad. I’ve come to lower my expectations. Although I am keeping one of my expectations that it will rain. It always rains on my birthday. I really do not see how this birthday would be any different.

But this is not what I intended to write about today. I, of course, have digressed. Yet the pitter patter of the rain drops on the house makes me sleepy and a little contemplative. What I’m really concerned about today is how long will delivery take. I’m also a little worried the internet will get knocked out. It happens in this area all the time when it rains. I still can watch all my streaming channels on my phone in the event that happens. Yet, it’s not the same. And, on top of it all, I don’t feel like doing anything in particular. Yet, I want to do something. But the rain will hold me back.

I have digressed again. Most certainly, I did not set out to write about the inability to watch streaming channels due to the rain. I didn’t even want to write about the rain. But, here I am writing about the rain. It’s not that I love to write about. Or anything super specific, either. I just write and digress. Digress some more. Stir and repeat.

The dog is cozy at my foot. He most certainly would write about the rain and how it cramps his style. He does not like walking in the rain. He certainly feels that it cramps his style. He knows that after a walk in the rain comes the towel-drying and the hair brushing. Come to think about it, I don’t really care for walking my dog in the rain.

Well, maybe later I’ll think of something else to write about. For now, the rain has taken a hold on my train of thoughts. Here’s to sunny skies up ahead.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam Streaming

    Channels of the Soul FLoWinG

    Wherever SPiRiT Wants to Go

    Raining All Around Free

    HeART OPeNinG

    Ro All Feelings
    And Senses New

    Exploration of Soul Storms
    Come and Go And Yes Blue

    Skies Part Yesterday into Tomorrow
    Forever Now Oh Let it Rain Oh Let it Shine

    Oh Let it Change

    Where Every Now

    Ia A New Birthday

    to Fall And Rise Again

    As All Waves of Existence

    Naturally Do As Trough Becomes
    Same High and Low of Crest With SMiLes

    Other Than That Happy Tradition of Your

    May Day Birthday Month Coming On This
    End of April Eve Wee Hours for me as again

    Where i Am From Sleep is iffy When it Comes

    And True Every Breath is A New Birthday to Explore

    With Every HeART Beat Ringing SPiRiT SoUL Free..:)


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