I may have to wing it

It’s been a long day of doing nothing. I woke up with goals. I attempted to address said goals. I even wrote a short, manageable to-do list of eight items, and I got through two items. Although, one item was that of pay bills, and I dutifully paid about six bills. I did get something of value done.

I also managed to have a good lunch with my son where we talked for an hour. Considering he’s 14 years old, that was quite an accomplishment.

Yet, one major item remained undone. But I didn’t become undone by not finishing this item. It’s a major marketing pitch, and I almost feel like I want to wing it. I know this. I got this. But I need to show it. A bit tiresome, I must say.

Tomorrow is another day. I’ll make myself do it then. If not, then I’ll have to wing it. There are worse things in life.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam
    Every Day Starting Out With
    A New Frontier A New Story of
    Life to Write and No Not Necessarily
    Planned Yet Flowing Out oF A River Deep
    Is Surely A Winging Way to Do Life Free
    In the Flow So Deep Within BRinGinG
    The Ocean of iMaGiNaTioN NewLY
    NoW Yes
    Out of the
    Of Before
    Now So Deep
    Ocean Surface
    Never Ending More
    Yet of Course if i Had Any
    ‘Real Boss’ Of Life to Be Held
    To in ‘Rules of CuLTuRE’ to Exist
    It Would Surely Be Almost Impossible
    To Wing Life New in Flow Just Blooming
    Nary A Care About Wilting Again With SMiLEs
    Even Enjoying
    New THorns
    ALong the Way
    RiSinG NoW Naked BaLaNCinG
    ReaL Enough Whole Complete NeW
    Dancing Singing Winging A Life oF Free Yes
    Yet It’s Also True Some Folks After They Retire
    Rarely Get off The Couch And Perhaps Limit Their
    View to One Channel of Even Faux News Indeed
    Back on
    Bare Wheels For Real…
    Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom
    Off And On Screen WiTH SMiLes..:)


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