I will never forget my time in the bushes buying art from a stranger

Describe a random encounter with a stranger that stuck out positively to you.

Right now, I’m staring at a painting of two roosters. I stare and laugh. It’s colorful and nice. It’s in my living room now. Whereas before, it was in the kitchen. I’ve been moving things around as I need many new begonnings as this year has been troubled and fraught with many pain points.

I’m laughing at the artwork not because it is funny but because of the story behind it. I was in Cuba over a decade ago. I went with the American Public Health Association to gain a better understanding of the culture, norms, and healthcare infrastructure. While there, I got to meet many locals, including a sexologist artist.

He had a Ph.D. in psychology and a Masters in Sexology. However, he was also an artist who made the majority of his income through his artwork. I saw his work on the sidewalk but didn’t see him at first. As I glanced at all his work, he slowly approached from behind some bushes. Well, maybe cars. Bushes fit this story better, though. He came enthusiastically to me and told me his whole life story. As a result I felt the need to buy some of his stuff.

However, as I went to pay him, he quickly went back to the bushes. I was to pay him in darkness. He couldn’t be seen selling his work. I didn’t ask why. But I will never forget my time in the bushes buying art from a stranger.

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  1. Buying High Art From A PHD Sexologist

    In The Bushes of Cuba Wow That Sounds

    Dear Miriam Indeed Like An Interesting Interaction

    With A Stranger Oh Dear Lord From Public Dancing

    9 Years and 7 Months Now Almost 8 For 18,153 Miles

    God Yes i Surely Have

    Stories of Interesting

    Interactions With

    ‘Strangers’ That
    i’ve Recorded in
    my EPiC LonG Form
    Poem of Each and Ever
    Day oF A LiFE of me for
    All Those 11.6 MiLLioN
    Words In Those Dates too

    One of the Ones That Almost
    Brought A Tear to my Eye (She Had A Few
    Relating Her Story About Dance) is When
    A Young Woman Said She and Her FRiEnDS

    Were Having Tough Years at School And Little
    Did i Know Then of Course She Said Taking the Voyeur

    Videos of me Dancing In Public Helped Them Dancing to
    It After School Not to Take Expectations From Others Too

    Seriously Indeed

    As True One Will

    Break Out in A Free
    Dance And Break Frowny
    Faces into Mr. Blue Skies With Sunshine More God Yes

    So Many Other Memories Like When the Door Installers
    During Covid From the Lowe’s Contract Team Said Years
    Ago in 2014 when they were in Middle School They Dressed up

    Like me With Colorful T-Shirts, Shorts, and Shades to Trick or Treat

    For Halloween

    So Many Stories

    So Many Stories of

    Interactions With Strangers
    And 6 Years Spent at the Biggest
    Metro Dance Hall Before Covid-19
    Shut-it Down Two ‘Strange Young Women’

    Approached me With A Kind of Dance Hehe
    They Never Did in the 80’s Asking me for my

    Number As i Whipped Out my Driver’s License

    And Showed Them the 6.6.60 On it on March 12, 2020

    The Day the Pandemic Shut the Dance Hall Down as Even

    Christmas Eve And Day Couldn’t Do It Before i Also Showed

    Them my Wife in A Bikini And It’s True All That Counts is i Brought

    SMiles to Their
    Faces That Last

    Practically as Long

    As Servers Still Serve That
    Night of Smiles And Over 2000

    Other Photos With Strangers No

    Longer Strangers As Humans Commune
    With An Ecstatic Joy of Dance Frolicking Free Again

    OBTW Happy Earth Day Coming as Usual i Will Be
    Celebrating With Strangers Dancing Everywhere i Go

    And True in
    Words of
    in Poetry too…

    Honestly i’ve Never
    Really Met a Stranger

    i Guess That is Part
    of my Condition From

    Birth Perhaps Just Another
    Autistic Splinter Skill of Course…

    Hehe Other Than Being A Bit Wordy Now at least..:)


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