Any wall she touched sent actual shivers down her spine

She was a very practical person. Not super romantic. But she knew that he was. A helpless romantic. They couldn’t be more different. Yet, when she was in this courtyard she was overcome with feelings. Any wall she touched sent actual shivers down her spine.

These shivers and goosebumps thrilled her as they meant she did feel things after all. She was alive. She did have emotions. And, she was happy to show them.

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  1. ‘Frisson’ That Sense of Overwhelming Awe

    Heaven of the Skin From Head to Toe

    True Goosebumps Shivers as

    Tears of JoY MaY Flow

    to Eyes Practically

    A Spark of The

    DiViNE Dear Miriam Holy

    Sacred In Gratitude For Breathing

    This LiFE More Fully As We And

    Vanessa Williams Suggest and Do

    Paint With New Colors of the Wind

    As i Paraphrase ‘Pocahontas’ The Movie

    of Course As If my Wife Was Ever Married

    to A President The Secret Service Would Fondly

    Refer to Her By The Disney Indian Princess Name

    With Some Kind of
    Special Character

    And Number of Course Hehe

    As Now A Song is Brewing Deep Within

    By ‘Whitney Houston’ While She Has Memories

    of ‘Kevin Costner’ And His ‘Secret Service Protections’

    With Words of “I hope life treats you kind
    And I hope you have all you’ve dreamed of
    And I’m wishing you joy and happiness
    But above all this, I wish you love”

    Indeed Dear Miriam “Come What

    May” THere is No Greater Gift Than

    To Feel Love When You Give

    And Even Greater

    to Give Love

    When You

    Feel Nothing At All

    Threading The Empty

    Halls of Soul In the Void of Hell

    “Running Up That Hill” as “Stranger

    Things” Remind You of Love’s That Will Never End…

    What Life Teaches me Most Then in
    “The Dungeon” For 66 Months

    iS UNConDiTioNaLLy

    Love All i Meet Now

    And Greet NeW iN Life DarK

    Thru LiGHT For No Reason At All

    Yet the Giving is The Receiving For Real

    Yes No End Always STaRTinG NewLY NoW…

    Other Than That i’m Reminded Again of the

    ‘Goth Girl’ From the ‘Breakfast Club’ Seeing

    Her Parents HeARTS Rot Away With ‘Time’

    Suggesting That Ya Grow Old And Your HeART Dies
    Yet Like Any Other Muscle of Life You Feed It Every Day And See it Grow…

    Rarely A Day Goes By Now in a Day Of A Life of me That i Don’t Experience

    Deep Frisson
    And Tears New
    of Joy For This
    Breath of Life

    God Yes DarK

    Thru LiGHT…

    A Benefit it Seems
    For Those Who Once
    Were Part of the “Hell’s
    Angel’s Club” For Real

    Born to Be Wild Yet
    Still With Loving
    WingS oR A REturn

    Above Alive…

    Soon Enough True

    NewLY NoW Naked Whole
    God Yes Complete With SMiLes…

    ‘Romancing All The
    Stones’ Rolling
    into Philosophies of

    LoVE iN Peace Frees NoW TRuLY ALiVE NeW…:)


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