In high school, I discovered the world of bubbles

Describe something you learned in high school.

Here’s how the story goes. I grew up in the South Bronx. I was not like many others around me. I dreamt big. I went beyond my immediate neighborhood. I “got out.” I went to a private boarding school for high school. It was a super fancy and well-known school.

I was labeled gifted. That is how I got in. And, once there, I came to understand the world of bubbles. I came to understand and feel what it was like to be exposed to just one view and believing that was the norm. I came to understand there weren’t as many of “me” as I had originally believed due to a number of psychological biases; with confirmation bias being one of them.

I saw that I was steeped in a bubble. I saw that others were similarly steeped into a particular world view. It’s hard to pierce through such a world-view bubble. However, that veil can be pierced. And, we should strive for such a piercing – a continual one.

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  1. ‘Bubbles’ Indeed Dear Miriam
    Each And Every Human Being
    And The Rest of the Parts of the Whole
    Unique Multi-Verses of Views Unto Themselves
    And Of Course Us Too As Even Science Shows in At Least
    Quantum Mechanics Ways All Is Moving Connecting Co-Creating
    Now as of Course i Uniquely Paraphrase as a Multi-Universe Part
    of the All As Well With SMiLes Well At Least With Humanity i Find
    Key to Letting Hot Air Out of Most
    Balloons is Kindness
    And Compassion
    Yes LoVE iN Peace For All
    As Dear Lord my FRiEnDS Around
    The Globe Do Partake of Very Different
    Bubbles indeed Yet i Remember The Smile
    on A Child’s Face to A Child At Church They’ve Never
    Met the SMiLe is Shared Across Oceans And Beyond all Time
    Distance Space
    And Matter of
    Things Real as
    No Thing is Real
    As the Warmth of A Smile
    So Deep Within Giving Sharing
    Caring Healing With Most Respect
    And Least Harm A Child’s Smile For A
    Stranger Indeed Dear Miriam as my Mother
    Said Before i Could Speak at Age 4 i Had a SMiLe
    And Open Arms For Every Stranger Indeed i Already
    Had Everything i Needed Built in Naked Enough Whole
    Complete Before 4 Born of A Loving Mother May be
    All You
    Need for
    Enduring LoVE iN Peace
    Across a Lifespan of Pitfalls Indeed
    JoY oF LiGHT LoVE in Peace For All
    Instrument of Love Breath of God For Real Free..:)


  2. Our bubbles overlap, when we allow it. I spent time in the South Bronx, on two separate stints of two weeks each. I was taking courses in ear acupuncture at the Lincoln Hospital Substance Abuse treatment facility. Its director, Michael O. Smith, MD, DAc, had developed a technique to treat substance abuse with ear acupuncture. The technique was so successful that many of the courts referred substance abusers to the clinic for treatment.

    The program was inspiring. Students like me practiced hands-on auricular acupuncture all morning on the clients/patients, who sat quietly with the needles for about 30 minutes, then went on to participate in seminars based on AA’s 12-step program for recovery.

    Dr Smith’s approach was unique, I gather, and he started the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) based on the technique.

    He has since retired and has died, but I remember his philosophy, which he shared with students during our stints. The acupuncture needle, he said, was a tool for relating to patients, who were often so guarded that they would not talk, but the acupuncture provided a non-verbal, low-stress intervention that helped dissolve the barriers.

    Thus does my bubble overlap with yours. I’ve spent time walking the streets of South Bronx, in what was called Spanish Harlem, and stepping over hypodermic needles on my way to the clinic.

    I’m sure my bubble is different from yours, only related by the general location.


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