Memories could be a powerful thing to restart one’s system

She was feverishly combing through photo boxes all day. She had this deep need to find that one photo. That photo that would jostle her brain and activate her neurons.

She needed that photo that would shock her system. She needed it because all that she felt now was just numbness. She wanted to feel again. And, memories could be a powerful thing to restart one’s system.

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  1. “Running Up That Hill”

    Dante Describes the “Place Below”

    As Not A Lake of Fire Yet A FroZen Place

    of Soul As my Published Neuroscientist

    Psychiatrist Explained Emotions Are Memories

    Memories Are Emotions When Emotions Go the

    Memories Go And At that Point of BLacK Abyss For

    However Long a Thousand Years in A Real Second of Hell May Last

    God No You Are THeRE THere is No Now or Then Only Nothingness

    The Place


    Far Beyond

    Purgatory and
    Even Any Lake of
    BurninG ETernal Fires

    For in that Place Hell
    Is Heaven in That Way

    As A Wish to Be Doused with
    Gasoline And Lit Match Surely

    Is Respite From A Place of Nothing@ALL

    Nothing@All Just Nothing@All And Yes It’s

    True You Can’t Email That Place to Find Out

    What It’s Like You Have to Go Last Hand

    And Hope Without Hope With Will to

    Survive Someone Will Be Left

    to Lend A Hand to

    Raise You

    Back Up to the

    Place Where The
    Dead Living Are Re-Born

    Yes Resurrecting From a Wilting

    Rose With THorns FLoWeRinG Alive Again

    For Those Who Have Lost Art in SMart And

    Art iN HeART And Even Part of Art iN EartH

    We May Scream At the Ceiling And Ask Why Has

    Art Left Our Existence All the Colors That Make Life Real

    For What is Life With Only EH Left of Earth in Part of ‘P’

    And S & M With Only A HE True This is What May Happen

    When Art is Erased The Part of Our SPiRiT HeART and SoUL

    That Breathes Through And Through Integral With the All in All

    We Are Now STiLL CoLoRinG FLoWeRinG Becoming New Works of Art Free

    It’s True

    The Photos

    You Take that
    Are Inspired By
    Soul Present and So
    Alive Are Works of Art STiLL NoW

    That YES May Bring Soul Back to Life
    And Poetry of Souls Free too of Course
    Dear Miriam Any Work of Art That Breathes

    Soul FLoWeRinG Natural Medication to ReVive

    What Dies Within Spark of Our Soul Bringing Colors Alive

    Indeed in my Little Stint of Real HeLL ON EartH For 66 Months
    From Wake to Sleep All the Professionals Were Befuddled For

    What Might Bring me Back to Life Trans Magnetic Stimulation

    For my Brain and A Electronic Vagal Nerve Stimulator To Feel Anything At

    All Even Experimental Then Was suggested As A Last ‘Ditch’ Effort to BRinG

    me Back to Life Of Course my Insurance Didn’t Cover it Eventually Then Words

    Found Emotions Again For Empty SHeLLS Letters of Words to Hold Soul Again

    God Yes Birthing the Fire Within of LoVE iN Peace And Yes the Grief of Photos

    of Lost Loved ones Touched me Deep Enough to Take a Few Breathes of

    Living For Real Again too Yet What No Doctor Would ‘Think’

    Of in Terms of “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” And the

    Such For “Running Back Up That Hill” Away From

    The Living Dead Below was Simply A Naked
    Enough Whole Complete Moving Meditating

    Dance in Flow As There Was no ‘Reason’ To Do that then
    Since Then Research Shows it is Effective Now to Regulate Emotions
    And Integrate Senses too Yet if Our Advanced People’s Who Displaced

    The American Indians By Calling Them Savage in An Ascending Transcending

    Emotionally Regulating and Sensory Integrating Soulful Meditating Dance

    Could Feel With Empathy And Compassion LoVE iN PeaCE A Reality of That

    Great Spirit Within Giving Sharing Caring Healing HeART FeLT SoUL FeLT

    With the Rest of Nature Yes All That is And Beyond Even That Oh Dear

    Lord Chances Are today Now 57 Percent of Young Women Wouldn’t
    Be Depressed And A Third of Those Teenage Girls Not Considering

    Suicide Either For When We Fail to No Longer Move Connect

    And Actually Co-Create Together Whether That Comes From

    A Naked Enough Whole Complete Meditating FLoWinG Dance

    Free And Song Or Some Other Art That Works to Bring us Back

    We Suffer the Consequences of this Brand New Human Experiment

    of the Information Age that Lacks So Much SouL Felt Human Reality

    As Continual Stress Will Burn Away For Real Bodily Systems That Relate

    Like Even Feeling the Benefits of Oxytocin From Head to Toe anymore


    The Lake
    of Fire Then

    Now That Burns
    the Soul Within

    All the Cogs of the

    Machine That Bring

    Us Fuel to Extinguish Our Souls…

    Running Up That Hill Running Up That

    Hill Been There And Done It and i’ll Never

    Leave Someone Down THere All Alone For Real…:)


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