She went down the dark road

She was lighter than usual

She was preoccupied with tiny cuts

She was drenched and mired in the tedious

That had been a good thing

Then arrived the blue devil

Her mind was peanuts, donuts, and coconuts

And there was the rub and the medius

She had wanted to sing

Now she was walking down the dark road

There was no absolution

All that had been tucked away was put in front

Guilt, shame, and lack of grace

The thoughts were searing and deeply peering

There was nowhere to hide

The dark road always creeps up on you

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  1. “The dark road always creeps up on you”

    Without the Darkness We Wouldn’t We Couldn’t

    Exist Every Mistake Even Nature Makes is a New Door Way

    To Evolve

    For What Works

    Even Better Out of

    The DarK iNto New Colors

    of What Nature BRings

    Yes Off of Dark Paths

    To New Doorways

    in This Hotel With No Escape

    YeT EnDless Rooms New Now Still To
    Explore Out of DarK To Color True Dear Miriam..:)


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