No Realtor guy: Not today am I selling

Even since my spouse died, I have received numerous phone calls from real estate companies inquiring about whether I was going to sell the house. I have, until recently, politely noted my house is not on the market.

Everyone has advised me not to make major decisions the first year after a death. I’m not too sure that’s  possible to avoid doing. There are several major decisions weighing on my mind that I’m chewing through.

However, the one decision I have made is to keep the house. For now. The market is not great. Plus, I need some form of stability for the family.

Now, when these realtors call, I answer somewhat gruffly by letting them know Mr. Mimi is no longer alive, and they can communicate with him if they wish through otherworldly means. The calls have decreased. I didn’t want to be gruff, but sometimes life requires a bit of surlyness. I wish it were not so.

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  1. “Sometimes life requires a bit of surliness.” Loved this. Love your writing.
    Best of luck on your day to day travels. It will always get better. Always.


  2. If the market isn’t great, the realtors are hungry – which makes them less polite than usual.

    What I don’t understand is why you’re picking up the phone for unknown callers; we never do any more. Everyone we want to hear from is already in our phone system under Favorites or some such. Highly recommended, unless you have lots of spare time. It’s a little awkward OCCASIONALLY, and you might need not to block your callers for work reasons, but anyone who is serious will leave a message – so you get a second chance to decide if you want to let them shatter your fragile peace. You don’t need this.

    I tell everyone who might need to communicate to email – and then I have enough time to evaluate what they want before I answer.

    Maybe our system would work for you.


  3. I worked on the phones for many years, mostly receiving tech support calls. It could be soul-crushing at times. The folks who made the sales calls were on the floor below us. I did not envy their job.

    Real estate agents are making the sales call on their own behalf – cold calling. They probably care more about negative reactions to calls than most sales callers. Ours were anonymous agents calling on behalf of a mega multinational corporation. If someone specifically asked to be taken off the calling list, they were legally required to do so, but they were encouraged NOT to do so if they could avoid it. There are also boiler room operations where there is no responsibility at all to the customer. The only solution to those is something like “NoMo Robo.”


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