The joker was everywhere: Perhaps she had to lighten up

Many a true word is spoken in jest. And, that was her overall framework in life. She had taken out all her card decks, including the tarot, and threw them down. She was looking for meaning in a seemingly meaningless world.

The joker was everywhere. Mysterious. Perhaps not taken seriously. Perhaps an omen of things to come. Maybe she just had to lighten up. Perhaps she should not be so foolish to believe we can totally control our own or other people’s lives.

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  1. Not So Much Controlling And

    Grasping at What Life Brings

    Yet the “J0ker” Like “Crazy 8’s”

    Frees Us to Create Our Own Lives

    Letting Go of Control Writing Directing

    Producing What May

    Be New to Play

    So Far Out of

    SoUL CAges Yet

    Free As Wings

    May Become Air

    of Wind And Fins May

    Become Water of Currents Free

    True This is Not Some ‘Thing’ to Grasp

    Or Even Be This is to Let Go And BREaTHE Free

    True Obviously Hard to Do When Ruled By Others…

    Yet Easy When Letting Go Becomes Effortless Ease of More…

    A Practice of Wings and Fins Diving Deeper and TaKinG FLiGHT

    With SMiLes
    And TaKinG
    iT to The Streets

    iN Wonder Awe New
    oF This Destination Now..:)


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