So many chocolates

It’s a Sunday night, and I’m exhausted. Words are starting to come back together. Hunger is coming back. However, when I look around at all the flowers and gift baskets, I’m taken back by the sheer volume of chocolate.

I have dark and white chocolates. There’s chocolate and fruit. There’s truffles. Caramel. It’s a tad bit overwhelming. Now, I do recognize that there are benefits to chocolate. For example, antioxidants in dark chocolate have been shown to lower blood pressure. That’s a major plus. I can certainly use anything that can lower my blood pressure. I’ve always had perfect blood pressure. And, oddly, I have been proud of that. Yet, lately, I do not believe my blood pressure has been perfect.

Further, chocolate is considered a comfort food for some. These comfort foods give us a momentary break from feeling the stuff that’s going on inside.

I look around at the chocolate surrounding me and wish I could melt it and bathe in it instead. That seems more comforting to me.

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  1. I can see sending a card. Possibly flowers – with a card. But chocolate and other edibles seem odd. The custom of sending food is to help people who are overwhelmed and not finding the time and energy to feed themselves and their families. Even then, you need to make sure the food will be acceptable.

    Chocolate seems more appropriate for valentines and gift-giving occasions.


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