Three Things to Look for When Buying a TV but not when you’re grieving

Look, I’m tired. Everything is a major endeavor. However, I have to keep on going. Now, I’m a young(ish) widow with a 14 year old son. I have a company to run, with hundreds of people counting on me to make the right decisions in this topsy-turvy world. The last thing I want to worry about are the characteristics you want in a new television. Is it too much to much to ask for just a simple television that works and allows me to watch the shows I have come to rely on to pass the time?

In the midst of planning a memorial service, getting new health insurance, and making sure my son is ok, amongst other things, I needed a new television.

I went to Best Buy. And, this is not a rant against Best Buy. I just was not ready. I went in and stated I needed a new television. Then, for the next 40 minutes, I received a dissertation on the three Cs of television that I needed to consider. The three Cs were: clarity, contrast, and color. And, once I decided on that, would come the sound bar. Honestly, it was too much for me. I get it. One once a clear image whose images are. I could see the differences on the display units. And, on any other day, I would appreciate attaining said knowledge and picking something I felt was good for one’s monetary expenditure. That day was not it.

If I were to pick, based on economics but quality, I would go with the Samsung 55 or 65 inch, Neo Qled 90b 4K television. It has great color, contrast, and clarity. However, on that day, I couldn’t pick. I literally ran out of the store overwhelmed.

I kept thinking about how could any of that mattered. There are so many more important things in life, and post-death, to consider and worry about. I think I probably freaked out the salesman. And, for that, I’m sorry. I wasn’t ready to hear about the intricacies of television viewing. I shouldn’t have ventured out. However, the television I mentioned is a good one. Get a nice soundbar with it. But only go in either knowing what you want or willing and able to withstand 40 minutes of a review of television systems. That’s a lot of time out of one’s short life.

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  1. Too much – but you know you’ll live with the choice a long time, and THAT’s the overwhelming part right now.
    Do you have a good friend whose judgement you trust and who is saying, “How can I help?” Sometimes that kind of friend is happy to be able to help in a tangible way.

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  2. Argh – sorry you had to endure that… It sure seems like those kinds of challenges can come out of no where (and maybe sales people could do some room reading). Sending good thoughts as you keep moving forward.

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  3. Anymore, on any major purchase, I research it online (and reading reviews), make up my mind what I want, and purchase it. Usually online, since so many companies deliver for free. I recently bought a desktop computer from Amazon, and a couple of years ago, purchased my smart tv from them. I even bought my last washer and dryer, fridge, and above-the-range microwave online. I hate shopping for major appliances.


  4. I’d suggest taking your son with you next time, if possible. The sales talk will be new to him, and you can listen to the conversation without having to take part; this reduces the overwhelm and makes for clearer decisions. Also, helping you to make adult decisions on simple stuff like buying a new TV might also help your son navigate the deeper emotions of grief, if only a little.

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