Ding ding ding

Today was a brutally exhausting day. I literally had meetings from 9AM to 4 pm straight. Each meeting was a different person, a different topic, and a different goal. My brain kept having to switch the rate at which it fired and the rate of wittiness. I believe that is a word. Regardless of dictionary status, wittiness was a key word for the day.

I needed to take on different roles throughout the day. As a result, there were a few moments where I kept muttering “ding, ding, ding. ” It was like my internal alarm system sounding the alarms.

I am sure there are times you find yourself muttering certain odd phrases that become earworm. And, it is quite annoying. I’m hoping for a new phrase today.

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  1. My earworms are almost always songs. I occasionally wake with a tune in my head, and it stays there, popping in and out of my conscience mind, all day long.


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