I put the Christmas tree away sooner than usual

I’m one of those people who looks forward to the holiday season year-long. And, once Christmas comes, I have typically left the Christmas tree up until late February or even mid-March. This year, it went away by three-kings day. And, I don’t know why.

It could certainly be because it’s a small tree in a small space. And, as most people know, space is a premium in New York City. Or, it could be that the holiday season seemed to have been really long, and the new year just came storming in. We have to hit the ground running to make this year more meaningful than the last.

Hence, all remnants of the prior year- including a Christmas tree- must be put away. It is a bit sad. There is also a bit of mystery. I can’t imagine what this new year will bring. Bit, we’re waiting for it with baited breath.

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  1. I was a bit disappointed here too. I’m used to seeing Christmas decorations up through New Year’s. The trend here has been to start pulling them down the day after Christmas.
    “Okay. That’s done. Time to move on.” No lingering, no sense of a holiday season stretching from the end of one year to the beginning of the next.
    OTOH, the retailers started hammering on Christmas long before Thanksgiving.


  2. As a short story writer, this post resonates with me. The idea of putting away the Christmas tree sooner than usual and the longing for the holiday season to continue is a familiar feeling. It’s interesting to see the different reasons why this person decided to put away the tree early – whether it’s due to space constraints or the desire to move forward and make the new year meaningful. The sense of sadness and mystery as the new year approaches is a feeling that I often explore in my writing. It’s a great reminder that even the smallest moments in life can hold deeper significance.


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