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Where are my words?

I’ve been in non-stop back-to-back meetings. And, these are not meetings where I just sit and listen. I talk. Then laugh. Then talk some more. It’s rather tiring. It feels like every thought has already been said. Why must we repeat ourselves so often? I’m almost at the […]

Ding ding ding

Today was a brutally exhausting day. I literally had meetings from 9AM to 4 pm straight. Each meeting was a different person, a different topic, and a different goal. My brain kept having to switch the rate at which it fired and the rate of wittiness. I believe […]

I’m barely awake

You know you’ve thought it. Maybe even said it out loud. There are many times during a meeting, where you quite possibly say a little prayer hoping that a meeting soon comes to an end. You are sitting there noting, to yourself, that you are barely awake. It […]

Decision migraine

Try tracking for a day how many decisions you make in 24 hours. You make small ones regarding what to wear, eat, or watch on television. Then there are some larger ones you have to make. Then there are those that may be small but turn into bigger-than-life […]