The White Lotus: Being cringey is back in vogue

Is cringey a word? Yes, I believe it is. I have seen it used a lot recently. And, in particular regarding the television show called White Lotus. There are a number of articles about the top cringe-worthy moments on the show. When I read those articles, I realized that I hadn’t used the word “cringe” in a rather long time. In a way, it’s interesting that cringiness is in vogue at the moment.

Cringiness, feelings thereof, are about extreme feelings of embarrassment and awkwardness. The show White Lotus shines a light on moments that cause extreme discomfort to the audience. This is so because it serves as a mirror. I can bet, regardless of gender or class or race, everyone watching it will find a moment that they have either seen, endured, or enacted in some way.

You have moments of unconscious biases rear their ugly head that remsin unconscious to the character. You have moments of snobiness attempting to come off as sophisticated. You have moments reflect some real interpersonal relations between couples.

As a result, millions of people watching this show are experiencing a collective cringey feeling. It actially amuses me to see and feel that cringe. This word and feeling had been absent from my life for a while. It actually may be good to again feel that sense of cringe. What we do with that feeling and self-reflection and insight (if so attained) is anyone’s guess in this moment in time where gaslighting is all the rage.

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  1. Oh The River Flows Dear Miriam God Yes FOR REAL NoW
    NeW iN Patterns Below For How Leaves Rise Green Fall Brown

    As Rivers of Sap Flow Upwards From Tree Roots ThiS Way Yes

    Yet STill A Tree is A River FLoWinG Reaching Leaves Higher Above

    Strange How We Humans

    Attempt to Fit the River

    FLoWS on Straight Roads

    By God As If We Are in a Hurry
    to Get Somewhere to Die Hehe

    As Time Flies By on CLoCK Hands

    At Least With DEAD Lines to Make of

    Course More Yet Oh Dear Miriam Yes The River

    Flows Blood Streams Come and Go From Beating HeArts

    Who Are We Trying to Impress

    When the River Flows And

    Trees Rise Once Again

    As Our Blood Reaches

    The Top of Our Head

    And Feelings and Senses
    in Mind Either Rise or Fall From Head to Toe MoRE ReaL

    As Leaves Will Too As The River Continues to Flow Free

    You Know What i Decided After i Got Out of HeLL ON EartH

    After Fitting myself in All the Boxes Required By School, Work,
    Church, Home, And Commercial TV to Fit in of Course Hehe Yes

    i Decided To Strip All that Off

    And Own The Naked Reality

    of Who i am i Don’t Need
    to ‘Know’ Any ‘Thing’


    The River Flows

    The River Flows

    The River is Not Afraid

    To Believe The River Must

    Wear All These ArtiFacts of
    What Humans Have Accumulated

    Over Several Thousand Years To Separate

    Us in All the Clothes And Tools We Become

    That Hides The River Flows The River Flows

    The River Breathes Heart Beats Come and Go

    The River Flows Why Don’t We Just Do What The River Does

    i Threw

    Away the
    Divorce Papers

    From Nature and
    Said i Do Again Naked
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    Removing Fig Leaf’s no Longer Makes me Cringe

    Thousand of Years of Dead Fig Leaf’s Indeed For Real…

    The River Flows

    The River Flows

    i Am The River
    Water Waves
    Ocean Whole
    Naked Enough Whole Complete

    And if that Makes Anyone Cringe

    They Should Review Again THeir
    Divorce Papers From Nature Hehe….

    ThankS AGAiN For ALLoWinG This River HeaR…

    ‘Way of Water’ of Course and i am Practically ‘Dying’ to
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    What the
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    Yet Oh my God! i Am
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    Still Uploading

    mY SoUL ThiS Way

    As ‘SoUL Becomes Words’

    A Pen is A Most MaGiC

    Tool oF All…

    How Very Blessed
    And Blissed We aRe
    Dear Miriam To Treasure
    ThiS Avatar SoUL Life Indeed With SMiLes..:)


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