Let’s fun because why let them have all the fun?

“Why let them have all the fun?” Indeed, a very important existential question that a female protagonist asks on the television series White Lotus. Yes, you have caught me in another tv-binge cycle. I am fascinated by this television series as it peels off cringey-layers of society.

Today’s lesson, however, is a little more light-hearted. It’s about fun. However, when you dig deeper, fun can be heavy and dark. While one woman asks why should men have all the fun, another woman tells a group, “Let’s fun.” Nothing good comes out of either situation. Yes, indeed, they each had moments of fun. Yet, soon after, you could see a volcano of consequences about to explode.

Here’s the deal. Have fun. But if you do so by messing with other people’s heads, hearts, or stomachs, you’re going to have a bad time at some point.

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  1. For Every Outcast is a Potential “Little Drummer Boy”
    “Frosty The Snowman” Or Other “Rudolph The Red Nosed
    Reindeer” Finding A Niche to Self-Amuse And Perhaps Develop

    Something New Like A Way For Santa

    To Deliver A New Electric Car

    or What Not Hopefully

    Without Any Twitter
    Bugs to Your Front Door
    All Tied Up in A Ribbon Yet

    Of Course Only if one Drives
    Looking Forward to A Greener Environment As Such

    Where Perhaps Solar Power Brings A Longer Born on Date

    For Frosty
    The Snow
    Life too

    in The World
    Of Amusing Play
    For All to Join in on
    Newer Reindeer Games

    Anyway in the Spirit of Fun
    And Games And Just Play Yes
    As Usual Amusing mY Self For Free

    Hey At Least i Don’t Sell my ‘Super Yoga
    Poses’ That Are Actually Real for 90 US
    Dollars For Someone Even Older Than

    Me too Afraid to Do It ‘Bear’ And Wearing

    Panties Instead

    Anyway As ‘They’ Say
    There is More Than One
    Way to Capture A Target
    Audience on 5th Avenue True

    Dear Miriam

    With SMiLes

    Of Course Hehe

    At Least For ‘the One’
    Usually AMuSinG myself JusT For Fun..:)


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