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When you’ve stayed a day too long

Inevitably, this happens. We get jubilant, maybe irrationally so, at planning a trip. Especially a major one, of sorts. We try to find hotels and flights which coincide well with each other. Perhaps, allowing flight availability and costs to determine how msny dats. And, surprisingly staying an extra day lowers the airfare a substantial amount. You go with it.

The time for the trip comes and the excitement can be felt in the air. The trip starts off in a grand way. Go sightseeing. Catch a production. Or go sunning on the beach. Go on a tour or two, perhaps.

Then, slowly you start to get tired. And, you reach the point where you realize you might have stayed one day too many. This happened several times to me. It can be hard to gauge beforehand what is the right amount of days to spend in a place. Often, that last day is spent packing and waiting for a late check-out or waiting for a red-eye to take off. That last day of the trip can be mentally and physically brutal.

Then you get home, and you get to relive through stories and shared photos the grandness of the trip, which just occurred. All is right with the world.

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  1. i Loved Looking At Your Alaska
    Vacay Pics and Hearing
    Your Cold Warm Vacay
    Stories So Inspiring

    Sparking Elements

    of mY Soul Flames Free
    to Dance And Sing too Yet

    For me Indeed my Best Vacation

    Really is Wherever i Go to Dance as

    Even Though i Live in What Social Science

    ‘Says’ is the Most Difficult Conservative Place

    To Be Different From the ‘Norm’

    i’ve Still Managed in 111 Months

    Now to Continue to Be ‘The Norm’

    of Dance in this ‘Footloose’ Place


    NO MATTER WhERE i Go From Hell to Heaven in

    This Locality Once With the Guinness World Record
    Book Holder of the Most ‘Christian’ Churches Per ‘Square’

    Mile Per Capita Yes With A Ton of Military Installations
    And Yes Literally A Place First Named Back in the 1800’s

    Literally ‘Hell’ for the Folks Who Didn’t Exercise Their Ability

    to Be Kind

    in A World
    of Peace in Love
    And Play For SMiLes

    At Best We Create A
    Christmas Tree World
    With New Colors oF LiGHT

    That Never Go Out As Long

    As The Dance And Song For

    JoY iN DarK Thru LiGHT

    Continues The


    of Soul i Shall
    Continue to Dance And Sing Free in Travel

    Yes! THere Are many ways to Keep a Christmas Tree
    Up Year ‘Round With Many New Colors Even Through
    Your Busy Schedule of Being a CEO of 5 Or So Health
    Clinics in the Big Apple of New York You Still Manage

    to LiGHT
    New Colors Every Day HeaR
    Great Job indeed With SMiLes Dear Miriam..:)


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