Stop expecting you from other people

She had been glum for weeks. Feeling disappointed in herself and in others. She often expected much from herself. And, she had the same expectations of others. She felt let down by people not living up to the high standards she had put in place. But this morning she looked carefully out the window holding her scalding hot coffee. She was preparing for her speech.

Life could be good. Was good. Sure it had its bad moments. Many in fact. However, there was another sunrise and another sunset. There was beauty and awe. And, there was the fact that everyone has their bad moments. She could not expect herself from others. As she would note later in her keynote speech “Stop expecting you from other people”. And, you’ll be happier.

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  1. “Stop expecting you
    from other people”

    Great Advice Dear Miriam

    For ‘Superior Achievers’

    Perhaps Someone Yes

    Should ‘Tweet’ This to

    Elon Musk too, hehe

    Yet of Course in A Field

    Like Health Care When You are

    in Charge and ‘the Buck Stops With You’

    i’m Sure it’s A Hard Philosophy to Maintain

    As True it’s So Much

    Easier When Free of

    A Job That Requires Pay
    And is Of Life and Death
    Stature of Action and Consequence

    And Other Wise Just Soar So High Like ‘Jonathan
    Livingston Seagull’ BREEZinG Until You Are No Longer

    in Sight And Others May Catch Up if They Ever Will…

    Yet For me at Least i Don’t See it That

    Way As Upon “Eagle’s Wings” Often

    Anthropomorphized To Lift

    (Nope, Eagles And Lions
    Not always Very ‘Heroic’)

    Other Humans Less

    Fortunate Than

    They in Wisdom to Gain

    More Powerful Wings True i’d Rather

    Fly Far Enough to Find Those Actually

    Wanting to Be Lifted Up that Way

    And in Doing So my Wings

    Continue to Grow


    Regardless of
    How High or Low
    i Fly It’s All in The Bliss, Nirvana, Heaven, etc…
    of Flying For me No Matter How Low or High

    Just Fly

    Just Fly

    Just Fly

    Yes i Just Fly
    No Matter How Low or High
    it is the FLight of Now That is All That Counts for me…

    Anyway i Do Have Highest Standards for What i Continue to

    Do as That Simply Lights my Christmas Tree Colors up Newer


    Being Human
    So Yesterday When i Shared
    The Lyrics of “The Impossible Dream”
    By Andy Williams With You i ‘Interviewed’
    Andy And Elvis And Frank Sinatra To Sing it For

    The Rest of the Lyrics i Wrote in that Part of EPiC
    Long Form Poetry Yesterday Usually Averaging around
    3,333 Words A Day A Little Less Lately During The Holidays

    And Such Hehe

    Anyway The Vibes of those
    Three Singers Were Not Nearly

    Matching the Lyrics for the ‘Friction of the Day’

    So i Went With Josh Groban And Feeling the ‘Frisson’

    Of his Concert Accompanied Angelic Voice Just About

    As Close

    to Perfection

    As A Practice

    of Living Soul

    Will Come to

    Bring New

    Heaven on Earth in
    Either Dance or Song Now

    Worth More Than All the Money, Fame,
    Fortune, Status, or Other Worldly Consumer Success

    i Could Ever Imagine Anywhere Yet Within mY FRiEnD…

    True The Wings That

    Soar Highest for

    me Are are Visible
    To No one Else Yet ‘The Force’ Within
    Live Long And Prosper mY FRiEnD

    And Of Course At Best

    Be Only

    Or Less And

    The Rest FLiGHT With Wings…
    Of course only in my limited and very small view

    Best Advice Ever Above Below Too Treat Others As
    THeY Wanna
    Be Treated


    Than Yes

    Just How


    Be Treated

    With SMiLes

    IF They Are
    Into That KINDa Thing hehe…

    Let’s Face IT. It’s An Art. This Entire Existence…
    And Never Gonna Be Limited As A Science Alone…

    So Indeed In ThiS Way We Only Practice A ‘Medicine’ of Living..:)


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